Building Systems That Create Deeper Donor Relationships At Scale

June 19th, 2021

Are you ready to craft unique, personalized communications for each one of your donors? Connection and personalization is at the heart of donor loyalty, but most nonprofits are handcuffed by traditional fundraising systems that are largely impersonal.

Tune into this on-demand webinar as we discuss how people, platforms, and processes can you help build personalized relationships at scale.

Responsive nonprofits increase gift size and donor retention rates by connecting to the unique passion points and interests of every donor. Learn how you can listen and connect with donors in real-time to make gift suggestions that are timely, relevant, and personal.

Leading Nonprofits Trust Virtuous to Grow Generosity

28 Practical Plays for Increased Generosity

In the Responsive Fundraising Playbook, you’ll find 28 practical opportunities to implement responsive fundraising at your nonprofit right now. Whether you want to identify the right signals to listen to, find the most important ways to connect or make the next best suggestion for each of your donors, we have a responsive fundraising play you can run today.