Professional Services

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Virtuous is committed to partnering with your team to help you achieve your goals. We provide training, technical consulting, strategy and data management services designed to help you grow

Our Customer Success team will connect you with the right Virtuous team member or Virtuous Partner who will work shoulder to shoulder with your team to define and complete your project.

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Tailored Training to Empower Your Team

Virtuous provides customized in-person or remote web-based training designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. Paid training goes above and beyond our standard onboarding training to ensure your team is equipped for success over time.

Our customers use paid training as a way train new employees, re-train old employees, or help your team better understand features in Virtuous that are being underutilized. Typical paid training courses include

  • Gift entry, operations and accounting
  • Responsive marketing, email and automation
  • Donor and major donor management
  • Campaign and project configuration

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Technical Consulting and API Integration

Most nonprofits have multiple cloud platforms and a website they the are leveraging to drive growth and effectiveness. Virtuous integrates with many of your favorite cloud platforms and Zapier out of the box, but occasionally our customers require more complex integrations with cloud platforms, websites or reporting tools.

Virtuous provides an internal integrations team, project managers, and a community of talented technical consulting partners who are all trained to drive value through our API. Contact us and our Customer Success team can help scope your project and find the right resources to meet your needs.

  • Cloud API integrations
  • WordPress and website integrations
  • Data analytics and reporting integrations

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Custom Reports to Measure What Matters

The Virtuous platform includes robust query and reporting functionality. We also integrate with customer reporting tools like Mode Analytics. If you have more complex reporting and graphing requirements, you can work with our custom reporting team to build out the exact reports you need to help measure what matters.

  • Donor and gift pipeline reporting/forecasting
  • Graphics heavy board reports
  • Reporting from multiple data sources

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Data Cleanup to Save You Time

For most growing nonprofits data cleanliness is a constant battle. Duplicate donors, bad addresses and data from disparate data sets make it almost impossible to make sense of your data. Virtuous offers several built-in tools for de-duplication, address/email clean-up, etc. But occasionally, nonprofits need help from a data guru to make sense of their data and improve data health

Our data team and data consultant partners can help you clean up your database so that you can begin using data to drive growth.

  • Data merging and de-duplication
  • Merging data from multiple sources
  • Gift and attribution cleanup

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On the Virtuous Team

“Outstanding customer service! In 30 years of fundraising leadership I have never seen this level of service from a CRM provider.”

John Cerniglia
SVP & Chief Development Officer
Operation Mobilization