Intro to Dashboards & Donor Views

Welcome to the Virtuous Product Tour! Use the links on the left to explore some of our features. The video below provides an intro to our dashboards and donor view. You can also jump to a similar intro video of our Marketing and Email tools.

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Data-Rich Donor Views

Easy-to-use contact management features with full social media integration. Users can relate donors to one another and see giving “networks” – or see donors on a map. Create custom fields to tailor Virtuous to your specific needs.

Donor Personas & Tagging

Identify givers by their passions, persona, membership/group affiliations or communication preferences. View related givers based on a shared passions. Use tags or giving patterns to easily segment donor groups for campaigns.

Notes Logging Management

Quickly create donor notes or log communications including document/picture attachments. Virtuous automatically logs all direct marketing activity(email, mail, etc) in the donor activity log.

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Gift Management

Manage gifts to projects, soft credits, pledges, planned gifts, non-cash gifts, receipts, premiums, gift attribution, etc. Users can also create custom fields at the gift level to further customize Virtuous. Reps can manage “Gift Asks” – and then monitor effectiveness of major donor proposals.

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Reports & Dashboards

Virtuous includes a robust set of built-in, permission-based reports and customizable dashboard widgets including a variety of reports for giving, projects, prospects, lapsed & pre-lapsed donors, donor activity by solicitor, file health reports and more.

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Personal Email Integration

Automatically log emails from gmail, outlook, etc directly into Virtuous as notes, then auto-generate emails or mobile alerts when tasks are due or when donors take a particular action.

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Task Management

Assign tasks to team members and attach tasks to a specific donor. You can also use the Virtuous Automation rules engine to auto-generate tasks based on key donor events – including birthdays and anniversaries – or giving behavior.

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Query & Data Tools

Easily search your data including summarized giving metrics like Last Year Gift Count and Life to Date Giving. Then save queries for later use and choose which fields you’d like to export for each search.


Gift & Donor Filtering

Filter your donors or gifts by any number of criteria, update data en masse, or export selected fields to Excel. Available user data is pre-filtered based on user permissions.

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Fast Gift Entry and Data Import Features

Fast gift entry and reconciliation tools to reduce staff time & improve data. Easily see duplicate donor accounts and merge data into a single record. Role-based security to control your team’s access


Back Office Tools

Easily manage user permissions, custom fields, reporting options, data de-duplication and more using our robust administration tools

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Grant Management

Manage Grant Proposals year-over-year and upload grant related documents/proposals. Then assign key grant milestones and tasks to members of your team. If you are a foundation, or if you support donor advised funds, you can also track outgoing grants and account balances all from one simple tool.


Chapter & Major Donor Rep Features

Assign a group of donors to a specific staff member or chapter. Then restrict permissions so that staff can only see contacts with their assigned donors or gifts with their assigned funds.


Volunteer Management

Manage volunteer opportunities and track volunteer commitments/hours at the constituent level. Set volunteer permissions in Virtuous to remove all financial and private note access.

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Project & Fund Management

Manage your projects for fund designations (e.g. staff members in a country, wells in a region). Then monitor key giving metrics, expenses and impact for each project.


Project Impact Tracking and Reporting

Creating transparency and accountability for projects is the first step to improving engagement. Impact tracking tools can help you set and track impact goals for each project (e.g. school desks purchased), collect stories/media, and provide donor’s with impact updates specific to their gifts.

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Nonprofit Marketing and Growth

See how our marketing automation and email marketing tools can be used to create personal donor connections, save time and increase giving.

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Marketing Automation & Engagement Tracking

Workflows allow users to automate marketing actions (email, tasks, data updates, etc) – and set delays between each step. Use dynamic searches to drive data into your workflows (giving behavior, preferences, clubs, project data, etc). Virtuous also provides best-in-class, pre-built workflows to help you hit the ground running.


Engagement Tracking

Virtuous tracks clicks, opens and bounces at the donor level. Virtuous also reports giving data for email/automation campaigns (ROI, average gift, etc). Our email versioning helps you test email effectiveness over time. And our automation reports help you understand how workflows are moving donors from one behavior to the next.

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Integrated Email Marketing

Build and test mobile-optimized marketing emails or choose from best practice email templates. Then merge in a variety of fundraising fields. Users can see email engagement down to the donor level (open, clicks, giving, etc) and use dynamic searches to update email lists in real time rather than importing Excel files.

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Marketing Campaign Management

Manage marketing campaigns and segment codes across radio, mail, internet, email and more. Project manage each campaign by assigning tasks and key milestone for each campaign or channel to members of your team.



Virtuous allows your direct marketing team to create complex donor segmentations, generate mailhouse-ready segmentation files, and then store the direct marketing piece that each donor recieved.

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Online Fundraising and Card Processing

Virtuous Giving includes online giving forms and credit card processing, but what makes Virtuous Giving™ so exciting is it’s ability to automate personalized, high-touch donor engagement that creates loyalty and inspires larger gifts. Provide tailored giving experiences and respond with automated highly personalized gift asks, thank you emails, and even follow-up calls.

Watch the Virtuous Giving intro video to learn more

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Easy-to-Embed Donation Forms

Easily drop donation forms onto any page on your site. Copy and paste 3 lines of script to create a secure, beautiful giving experience that inherits the visual properties of your site. Each embedded form is completely secure and PCI compliant and can be customized per campaign


Set Up Multiple Forms with Easy Attribution Tracking

Specify tracking codes for each donation form or pass codes in the URL to track multiple donor segments and marketing efforts on a single form

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Simple Drag and Drop Donation Form Builder

Customize your donation experience by dragging any field onto your form. Size and format fields and then map fields to your CRM. Our pre-built form helps new users get up and running within a matter of minutes. And our power user features like CSS overrides give you the flexibility you need to create completely custom forms.

Donor Covers Fees and Multiple Projects

You can optionally ask donors to cover their card processing fees on the donation form – or allow donors to split gifts between multiple projects. Projects can be limited based the type of campaign and all project data syncs directly with Virtuous

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Smart Asks and Gift Arrays

Built-in Predictive Gift Size Recommdenations that Increase Gift Size!

Automatically show donors suggested gift amounts that reflect their giving history – and invite them to increase it. Gift Arrays can be set to automatically shift based on the donors financial score. Asking for the right amount can result in a tremendous lift in average gift amount.

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Donor Portal Branded for Your Organization

Donors can login to a branded page with your colors and logo to access giving history, edit recurring gifts, and update contact information. All of which sync with your CRM


Payment Tokenization and Easy “Next” Gift

Credit cards are securely tokenized to make it easy for donors to quickly give again

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Recurring Donation Management

Donors are encouraged to set up recurring donations and manage their recurring card through the donor portal. Recurring gifts are tied to expected gifts in Virtuous for easy follow up on expired cards or failed gifts.

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Card Processing Directly from Virtuous CRM

For card not present gifts like telethons or large events, credit card donations can be directly processed for a donor with the Virtuous CRM and Virtuous Gift input tool.

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Direct Integration with CRM & Email Automation

Personalize your follow up to increase engagement over time

All donation form, contact info, and project giving data sync automatically with your CRM to reduce data entry time and improve data quality. Data integration also allows your team to design personalized, automated follow-up with each donor after their gift. Send follow up email sequences or schedule follow up calls based on the campaign, project or size of the gift.

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Customizable Lead Forms for Non-Donation Calls to Action

Have a non-donation CTA like a volunteer sign up form or interest survey? Use Virtuous to create custom lead forms on any page that sync directly with your CRM

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Lead Scoring & Relational Intelligence

Virtuous lead scoring ranks donors/prospects based on their relational or financial value. Lead Scoring includes 1) Financial Score based on recency/frequency of giving, gift amounts, propensity to lapse, etc. 2) Relational Score is based on social media data, geographic proximity to other donors, relationships with other donors, etc. and 3) Smart Asks that suggests the best next steps with each donor.


Social Media & Geolocation Insights

Social scraping (automatically grabbing social handles, images AND feeds) provides an immediate, data-rich view of your donors. Scraping allows your users to pull public data for donors with one click. Our scraping solution spans 200 social sites.

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Cloud Integrations

Easily integrate your CRM with the email, donation and fundraising tools you’re already using, including: MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid, Hubspot, iDonate, GivingFuel, Paperless, Stripe, RaiseDonors, PaperSave, Gmail, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Eventbrite, Google Analytics, Google Maps, DonorSearch wealth data overlays, NCOA services and more.

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Free Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Virtuous mobile apps are designed to meet the needs of fundraisers on-the-go. Use GPS/maps to see donors near you and receive reminders (Push Notifications) based on real time donor behavior.

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Migration & Onboarding with Virtuous

At Virtuous, we’re not happy until you are fully migrated, trained and realizing a positive ROI on your new software investment. Ultimately, we are committed to helping you raise more money and increase your impact. The following steps outline our proven onboarding process:

Step 1 - Goal Setting

We help you write down your fundraising, marketing and Virtuous usage goals during the sales/onboarding process. Setting your overarching fundraising objectives helps create clear, defined outcomes for your implementation.

Step 2 - Onboarding Plan

We create a clear project plan for implementing Virtuous that includes training and migration milestones. We'll do most of the heavy lifting along the way - but the onboarding plan helps keep our teams in lock/step as we move toward your generosity goals.

Step 3 - Complete a Test Migration and Intial Training

We'll work with your team to map and move your existing data into a sandbox Virtuous environment for testing. As part of the testing process we help your team get trained on Virtuous using our Online Academy and Virtuous Training Team. On-site training is available as part of this process as needed.

Step 4 - Go-Live and Go-Live Training

After your data has been tested/validated in Virtuous - and your team is trained - we'll confirm your final "go-live" date. As part of your launch we provide additional training tailored to each job role at your organization (advancement, data entry, marketing, etc). Your training program will depend on your Onboarding Package and your specific organizational needs.

Step 5 - Ongoing Success Coaching

Finally, you'll be assigned a customer success manager to 1) help ensure we are hitting your original goals, 2) provide ongoing training as needed and 3) ensure you are getting the most out of your Virtuous purchase over time.

Customer Success

The Virtuous Difference

  • Every customer is assigned one of our nonprofit success coaches
  • We provide rigorous, hands-on training & migration focused on generating ROI
  • We offer ongoing coaching & support on our tools & methodology - all designed to help you grow
Virtuous Team

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Otto Monroy
Director of Advancement
Forgotten Voices
“Virtuous is powerful yet simple, smart yet not intrusive. It is designed as a capable partner for today’s high touch fundraiser who understands that relationship networks are as important as gifts.”

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