Create giving experiences that celebrate the impact of each donation, and always choose the right next step with smart gift suggestions.

“Virtuous is powerful yet simple, smart yet not intrusive. It is designed as a capable partner for today’s high-touch fundraiser.”
Otto Monroy
Director of Advancement, Logos Academy

Donor-centric nonprofit teams trust Virtuous

The tools you need to grow giving

Donors aren’t ATMs — we know that, and you certainly know that. Yet few fundraising platforms help you acknowledge donors’ generosity or impact on the world. 

Virtuous Giving moves you from transactional donation requests to transformational giving experiences.

Get all the tools you need for gift processing, grant management, online donation experiences, and online donor portals. Always ask for exactly what the donor is excited to give, double gift impact with corporate gift matching, and cater to all forms of generosity including stock giving.

Online Giving

Personalize every giving experience.

Online Donations

Create frictionless giving experiences that remind donors of their individual impact, not their monetary value. Ensure that each ask is personalized to the donor’s motivations and that no donation goes unnoticed.

Grow giving with the donation platform that knows your donors.

Virtuous Giving equips your team with the tools they need to raise more online, from donation forms and credit card processing to smart gift arrays and a self-service donor portal.

Design custom donation forms with a drag-and-drop interface.

Build beautiful donation forms that embed seamlessly on any webpage. Map fields directly to contact records in the CRM. Attribute donation forms to specific projects or let donors choose where to give.

Use donor portals to make self-service easy and save time.

Let donors log in to a branded webpage to access giving history, edit recurring gifts, and update their billing and communication preferences.

Automate highly personalized follow-up with donors.

Set up sequences to welcome new donors or thank long-time supporters in minutes. Automate receipts and thank you emails, assign follow-up calls, auto-assign tags, add to a donor portfolio, and schedule tasks to deepen engagement.

Features designed to increase giving:

  • Highly personalized gift asks
  • Tight CRM integration
  • Automated follow-up
  • Custom donor portal & logins
Online Donations
“Virtuous is building tools that allow for a highly customized and personalized donor experience…smart gift arrays and website listening tools are going to be game-changers in understanding our donors.”
Jonathan Mays, Communications Director, Adult & Teen Challenge

Fundraising Intelligence

Minimize guesswork. Maximize giving.

Fundraising Analytics

Grow giving and predictable revenue with smart asks that suggest the best next steps for each donor.

Grow gift sizes with smart asks personalized to each donor.

Automatically show donors suggested gift amounts that reflect their giving history and invite them to increase it with an amount that makes sense for them. Find high-potential donors automatically using intelligent donor scoring based on financial and relational signals.

Take the guesswork out of gift asks.

Improve giving with ideal gift types and amounts for each donor based on behavior data and giving history. Accurately forecast future gift revenue with intelligent “likelihood of gift” percentages.

Customize your dashboard to see the metrics that matter most.

Build giving reports to highlight key performance indicators. Use pre-built dashboard widgets to monitor YTD giving, campaign performance, new donor goals, and more. Customize views for each user to show exactly what they need to hit their goals.

Fundraising Analytics
“Virtuous is the perfect tool for us. Making this change to our nonprofit CRM will enable us to connect with givers in new and meaningful ways and have a greater impact on the Louisville community.”
John Barnett, Chief Development Officer, Louisville Rescue Mission

Payment Processing & Gift Reporting

Simplify your back-office operations.

Nonprofit Gift Processing

Organize and store gift entry, online and offline donations, grants, and donation data in sync — without the stress. See real-time giving dashboards that track your goals, tie donations back to specific funds, and follow up with donors using project-level impact notes.

Simplify gift processing and reduce back-office back and forth.

Save your team hours and relieve unnecessary headaches and stressful reconciliation. Streamline gift entry, auto-match records to reduce duplicates, process credit card gifts without switching systems, and map giving directly to your fund accounting system.

Leverage robust segment and campaign reporting.

Get time-saving reports and analytics. Easily track and report on impact metrics for donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations. Measure results by donor segment or campaign, and test and refine messages to maximize ROI.

Accelerate major gifts and manage your gift pipeline.

Track and forecast major gift asks and proposals in one easy view. Drag and drop gift opportunities as they move through the pipeline. Monitor performance by development rep, and never miss an opportunity to follow up with a donor.

Manage grant applications and distributions in your CRM.

See incoming and outgoing grant proposals year-over-year, upload grant-related documents to simplify management, assign key grant milestones and tasks to team members, and personalize follow-up and reporting to grow grant renewals.

Nonprofit Gift Processing
“Virtuous truly understands nonprofits and the importance of our mission. And their open access to data and built-in custom reports gave us access to the data we need.”
Todd Shinabarger, Chief Information Officer, Operation Mobilization

The Online Giving Playbook

Discover actionable strategies for growing online giving and creating more personalized donor experiences.

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