Track donor web behavior and respond immediately with the web listener

Identifying the most engaged donors is easy with Virtuous. Simply use the Web Listener to see which pages your constituents are viewing and find out how you can best serve their interests to build a better relationship.

Real-time web engagement tracking

The Virtuous web listener tracks your donor’s activity on your website and displays the results directly on your donor dashboard. Use the insights to identify engaged donors and provide the best experience possible.

See web engagement at the donor level
Simply add the listener to your existing website to track the online behavior of visitors and log page engagement back to each donor’s profile.

Learn about donor passions with content tagging
By marking web content with specific topics you can learn about the affinities and passions of each donor. Easily determine which projects or topics associated with your cause are most important to your donors so you can make each engagement more effective.

Drive automated follow-up based on web behavior

Automate donor follow-up calls and emails based on your donor’s online behavior to provide a truly personalized, multi-channel experience. With a comprehensive understanding of each individual, you can create the most effective donor journey for each individual.

Emails sent through Virtuous are automatically linked to each donor. Tying email to web behavior allows you to track specific online engagement for each donor following an email click.

Popular tactics for web listening

• Tag donors as “engaged” if they visit your site 2 times a month
• Send Follow Up Email on Abandoned Donation Form
• Send exclusive content on a topic when donor spends more that 2 minutes on a page related to that topic
• Schedule a follow up call for donors who visit your event page

Grow average gift size by connecting web engagement to dynamic gift ask amounts

By tracking each donor on your site, Virtuous is able to dynamically shift the gift array and ask amount based on the capacity and history of each donor.

Use analytics to suggest the best next step
Build giving arrays that are optimized for each donor level. Virtuous analyzes your donor’s giving behavior and wealth data to determine the best financial gift amount so they are never faced with an ask that doesn’t make sense for them.

Vary gift asks on email campaigns
Email campaign links are automatically tied to each donor. Email integration allows your nonprofit to maximize gift size by providing a personalized ask amount for each donor.

User-Friendly. Always Improving.
“Virtuous CRM has been a great tool for our growing organization. Virtuous takes automations to the next level which has allowed us to put several workflows in place enabling higher rates of retention and engagement.”
Director of Donor Relations

Taking Responsive Fundrasing to the Next Level
“Virtuous is building tools that allow for a highly customized and personalized donor experience. Automations save time and energy for repetitive tasks. The newly released smart gift arrays and website listening tools are going to be game-changers in understanding our donors.”
Communication Specialist

The Best People Make the Best CRM
“For me, Virtuous is about simplifying the typical CRM into a useful, efficient, and powerful tool. Add in Virtuous’s automation features and, in my opinion, you get one the best CRMs at a great value.”
Director of Development & Operations

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