Nonprofit Marketing

Virtuous Marketing helps you execute comprehensive, omnichannel experiences to keep donors engaged with your mission.

“Virtuous enables us to connect with givers in new and meaningful ways and have a greater impact.”
John Barnett
Chief Development Officer, Louisville Rescue Mission

Donor-centric nonprofit teams trust Virtuous

Make each message matter.

Fundraising Letter

Responsive nonprofits don’t demand attention from donors — they earn their trust. Attention fades, while trust results in commitment, activism, and generosity.

Virtuous is the only platform built to prioritize that trust. As a single source of all your fundraising and marketing needs, Virtuous empowers your team to run integrated engagement campaigns that connect you to your donors and drive impact.

  • Diversify your opportunities to engage with email, SMS, direct mail, and more
  • Grow your donor base with data-driven, targeted campaigns
  • Tap into the power of automated welcome series

Virtuous Marketing enables your team to execute all your ideas — big and small.

Fundraising Letter

Multi-channel Engagement

Engage every donor across platforms.

Multi-Channel Donor Engagement

Send relevant communication to the right person at the right time to increase response rates and ROI. From your website to their inbox, mailbox, and smartphone, Virtuous Marketing puts your nonprofit exactly where you need to be.

Unify donor management, fundraising, and marketing.

Data for email clicks, website visits, and direct mail delivery are all integrated with Virtuous CRM to improve visibility and clarity. Respond quickly, make decisions based on real-time data, and eliminate import headaches.

Target the ideal set of donors every time.

Stop draining resources into communications that get ignored. Automatically segment major donor prospects, social influencers, recurring prospects, advocates, or specific personas to ensure each constituent receives the most relevant communication.

Use forms to expand your audience and get feedback.

Manage email subscriptions, gate content, or conduct surveys using simple, embeddable forms. Quickly modify any form directly from Virtuous and see changes immediately on your site.

Turn website visits into engagement opportunities.

Track visitors on your website to understand each person’s engagement level, interests, and what content is most effective at driving responses. Then follow up with visitors via email or direct mail with suggested next steps.

Multi-Channel Donor Engagement
“This is the first system that takes a modern approach to tracking and communicating to donors. The system is easy to navigate, use, and learn. Its design is very user-centric. The automation is very robust and has a ton of features.”
Philip Ingland, Senior Marketing Manager, Eversight

Email Marketing

Easily design engaging, personalized emails.

Email Marketing for Nonprofits

Build beautiful email campaigns that inspire action. Avoid messy data syncing with email marketing, segmentation, and analytics connected directly to your donor data.

Build custom email campaigns with drag-and-drop tools.

Choose from beautiful, mobile-responsive templates or build your own. Use your existing donor data and Virtuous Signals to drive email messaging and timing instead of relying on disconnected email platforms.

Take personalization to the next level.

Merge in any of your contact and fundraising fields so that each recipient feels truly known. Personalization fields include giving metrics and even custom fields to fuel hyper-personal emails.

Segment email in real time with dynamic searches.

Subscribers can move in and out of lists in real time based on behavior, tags, giving, or personal preferences without manual updates or messy spreadsheets. Forms integration and automation allows your users to opt in or out of lists based on their preferences.

Optimize email performance with split-testing.

Test your subject lines, copy, images, sender, and more to determine which strategies resonate with supporters. Track open and click results for each email to increase effectiveness over time.

Replace your disconnected email marketing or automation platform.

Move on from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Emma, HubSpot, Pardot, or Blackbaud Luminate. Virtuous can take you farther — nonprofits who switched to Virtuous agree.

Email Marketing for Nonprofits
"Virtuous is custom designed for the needs of fundraisers. It's the most donor-centered software I've ever used.”
Jamie Trussell, Chief Development Officer, Adult & Teen Challenge Switched from Blackbaud to Virtuous in 2019

Marketing Automation

Automate donor journeys, welcome series, and more.

Build sequences that connect with donors without adding work for your staff. Use data collected from giving behavior, interests, or milestones to craft unique, personalized engagement for each individual.

Easily automate personalized communication.

Go beyond one-time email blasts by using donor behavior to kick off the right email at the right time. Segment your communications so each person gets all the information they need without any ineffective, generic messaging.

Automate custom direct mail.

Tell a single story to reach donors across all channels. Automate personalized drip campaigns that include email, physical mail, postcards, tasks, and more — without ever having to touch a stamp or click send.

Send updates via text message.

Increase engagement by connecting with donors via SMS – send timely thank you messages, deliver impact reports, or remind donors of upcoming opportunities for involvement.

Track engagement at the donor level.

Open and click reporting flows all the way to each donor’s profile. Easily respond to donor signals in real time to ensure you never miss an opportunity to improve donor relationships and grow giving.

Improve team collaboration.

Streamline campaign management across teams by assigning tasks and key milestones so you never miss a deliverable. Auto-generate emails or mobile alerts when tasks are due or when donors take a particular action.

“Virtuous takes automations to the next level which has allowed us to put several workflows in place enabling higher rates of retention and engagement.”
Travis Gordon, Director of Donor Relations, The Mighty Oaks Foundation

Volunteer & Event Management

Run events and recruit volunteers.

Volunteer Management Platform

With Virtuous, you can tie forms directly to events and volunteer sign-ups and track activity in donor records to reduce messy data and increase engagement.

Streamline fundraising event management.

Create and send invitations. Gather sign-ups, fees, and donations directly from your website. Then follow up with each attendee to thank them for their participation and gift. Track attendees, tables, and meals, and easily tie donations to each of your events to better measure ROI — all in Virtuous.

Recruit, manage, and nurture volunteers from your CRM.

Volunteer management just got easier. With cloud-based technology and real-time data updates, you’ll never deal with another messy spreadsheet again.

Popular features

  • Online signup
  • Table & meal tracking
  • Automated follow-up
  • API & integrations
  • Online volunteer signup
  • Hours tracking
  • Skills/opportunity matching
  • Volunteering & gifts in same view
Volunteer Management Platform
“Automation is a total game-changer. To be able to set volunteers on an automated track is really something special that not a lot of CRMs have.”
Amanda Montalongo-Fisher, Donor & Event Relations, UMOM New Day Centers

Segmentation & Reporting

Learn exactly what works, with who, and why.

Fundraising Reports

Measure your campaigns and donor segments across all channels to see a comprehensive view of your efforts and ensure your success is repeatable, sustainable, and predictable.

Avoid messy spreadsheets with robust marketing segmentation.

Create complex donor segmentation and generate mailhouse-ready segmentation files with custom gift asks. Link to direct mail creative within each recipient’s communications timeline.

Track and refine campaign performance.

Remove the guesswork from your campaign management. See clear, concise reporting with insights you can implement right away. Easily test and refine messaging over time. Measure campaigns by segment codes across radio, mail, internet, email, and more.

Clearly see your email-based giving and ROI.

Stop wasting time switching between systems trying to make sense of different data sources. Track email marketing clicks, direct mail, and giving behavior all in one dashboard. View engagement within each donor’s profile.

Fully integrated web engagement tracking.

Virtuous web tracking follows visitors on your website to provide insights into each person’s engagement level, interests, and which content is most effective at driving a response.

Fundraising Reports

Run integrated campaigns that drive impact with Virtuous Marketing

  • Marketing automation
    Automate follow-up tasks, emails, and letters based on donor behavior.
  • Email marketing
    Easily build amazing emails and track results to the donor level.
  • Giving forms
    Design your own giving forms and easily embed them anywhere on your site.
  • Web tracking
    See how your donors are engaging on your site. Dynamically change your gift ask amount or automate follow-up after a web visit.
  • Direct mail on demand
    Send one-off letters to donors based on their behavior. No staff time or stamps required.
  • Prospect/lead forms
    Start a conversation with donors using easy-to-embed web forms.

Explore what’s possible

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