Nonprofit Marketing Automation

Automation ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with every donor. Spend less time on back-office tasks and create more personal connections at scale.

Nonprofit Marketing Automation
“It was like adding 10 staff members! Virtuous adds time to my day by bringing solutions that create tasks, send automatic emails and help me make donors feel special.”
Daphne Keys
Director of Development, Global Hope Network

Donor-centric nonprofit teams trust Virtuous

Make it personal.

Donor loyalty is fueled by connection and personalization, but traditional fundraising systems reserve meaningful connections for major donors.

Virtuous Automation lets you build sequences that connect with every donor in real time, with no additional staff time required.

  • Craft unique, personalized communications for each donor
  • Automatically send data-driven messages in real time
  • Dynamically assign the best tasks or calls to your team
  • Offload back-office tasks
  • Track activity and engagement
  • Respond in real time

Dynamic Donor Experiences

Responsive real-time experiences

Donor Journey

Determine your team’s next best action with real-time data from each donor. Set up emails, send text messages, add tasks, update data, or send direct mail based on the signals and engagements from each individual. Time your communication sequences to ensure that messages are delivered exactly when donors want them.

Help every donor feel a deep connection with your cause.

From first touch to legacy giving, deliver a dynamic donor journey at every step. Celebrate the big (and small) moments. Send personalized messages that prove to your donors how grateful you are for their gifts and how important they are to your mission.

Customize engagement based on personas and passions.

Automatically tag donors based on behavior. Use web and email engagement plus demographic data to automatically identify your constituents’ passions — then respond with communication that is most relevant to them.

Increase donor retention with pre-built and proven workflows.

Jumpstart your fundraising with pre-built workflow templates for donor retention and cultivation proven to drive results. Create automated campaigns for giving milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events.

Popular features:

  • Donor journey builder
  • Pre-built workflow templates
  • New donor welcome series
  • Assisted moves management
  • Intelligent prospect identification
Donor Journey
“After our first automated email campaign, we reactivated 26 new donors. That was just one email, so the ROI was instant for us.”
Beth Fisher, VP of Advancement & Communications, Mel Trotter Ministries

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel. One conversation.

Nonprofit Multi-Channel Marketing

Tell a single story to reach donors across all channels. Automate personalized direct mail, postcards, text messages, email or receipts based on donor behavior without ever having to touch a stamp or envelope.

Elevate your engagement with multichannel communication.

Create multichannel engagement campaigns based on donors’ real-time actions. Go beyond email and mail appeal letters — send personalized postcards, text messages, and more without added staff time.

Auto-assign callback and handwritten letter tasks.

Build immediate connections with donors through auto-generated outreach tasks. Call after a gift, form fill, or any other website engagement to pull them closer to your cause.  Schedule handwritten cards so you never miss an opportunity to connect. 

Keep track of key milestones and communications.

Auto-generate tasks based on key donor events (including birthdays and anniversaries), giving behavior, or even activity on your organization’s website. Automatically log emails from your email client directly into Virtuous, then auto-generate follow-up tasks.

Close the loop and create moments of connection.

Automate engagement reports on evergreen and annual campaigns to understand what donors want most. Optimize the donor journey for genuine donor engagements that drive loyalty.

Popular Features

  • Email automation
  • Send letters and personalized postcards on demand
  • Send text messages
  • Donation recovery follow-up
  • Automatic note and phone call tasks
Nonprofit Multi-Channel Marketing
“Virtuous is powerful yet simple. It is designed as a capable partner for today’s high-touch fundraiser who works to build relationships across multiple channels, and understands that networks are as important as gifts.”
Otto Monroy, Director of Advancement, Logos Academy

Back-office Business Automation

Save time for what matters.

Nonprofit Administration

Virtuous Automation rules handle the heavy lifting, so you can spend less time on back-office tasks and more time doing what you love. Surface disengaged donors, auto-assign follow-up tasks, dynamically segment supporters for personal campaigns, and more.

Streamline your entire team’s workflow.

Automation doesn’t replace relationships, it gives staff more time to cultivate relationships. Automatically complete tasks, segment supporters, and send personalized communication to the right donor at the right time with the right next steps.

Target the ideal set of donors every time.

Automatically segment and tag major donor prospects, disengaged donors, social influencers, recurring prospects, advocates, or specific personas to ensure each constituent receives the most relevant communication.

Keep a pulse on ROI over time.

Automated reports help you understand how workflows are moving donors from one behavior to the next. Use the data to optimize each workflow and shorten the time between donor signal and next best action.

Integrate your team’s inbox to streamline workflows.

Automatically log emails from your email client directly into Virtuous, then auto-generate email or mobile alerts when tasks are due or when donors take a particular action. No more copy/pasting!

Popular features:

  • Automate tasks, notes, and calls
  • Automated wealth appends
  • Custom segmentation and scoring
  • Triggered data updates
  • Donor portfolio assignments
  • Inbox integrations (e.g. Gmail and Outlook)
Nonprofit Administration
“For me, Virtuous is about simplifying the typical CRM into a useful, efficient, and powerful tool. Add in Virtuous Automation and, in my opinion, you get one the best CRMs at a great value.”
Johnny Avots-Smith, Director of Development & Operations, Letterform Archive

“Automation is a total game-changer.”

Amanda Montalongo-Fisher
Events Manager, UMOM New Day Centers

Nonprofit Marketing Automation: The Complete Guide

Donors expect highly personalized experiences, but many nonprofits are still using legacy platforms that leverage traditional, one-to-many communication strategies. Learn how marketing automation can help close the gap.

Scale up with Virtuous Automation

  • Marketing automation
    Automate follow-up tasks, emails, and letters based on donor behavior.
  • Email marketing
    Easily build amazing emails and track results to the donor level.
  • Web tracking
    See how your donors are engaging on your site. Dynamically change your gift ask amount or automate follow-up after a web visit.
  • Direct mail on demand
    Send letters and postcards to donors based on their behavior. No staff time or stamps required.

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