Close the loop with donors with project impact tracking

Tie your donations back to specifics projects, and follow up with donors using project-level impact notes. Then map project giving directly to your fund accounting system

Get the transparency you need to increase impact

Creating project transparency is the first step to improving donor engagement. Virtuous gives you the power to ties every donor’s gift to the good they are creating the world.

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Set project goals, collect stories and close the loop
Impact tracking tools can help you set and track impact goals for each project (e.g. school desks purchased) and gather media and stats related to project success.

Easily send progress updates to donors
Project level updates can then be used to provide donors with impact updates specific to their gifts.

Map projects and designations directly to your accounting system

Easily tie Virtuous Projects directly to funds in your accounting systems to ensure every gift designation is properly accounted for.

Use CSV accounting exports or direct integration to push donations by fund into your accounting software.

Better than we Dreamed!
“We love the customer service. They are very helpful and they understand fundraising as it’s evolving today. They aren’t trying to use outdated methods with today’s quickly changing landscape. They are innovative and the complete deal!”
Annual Fund Director

Taking Responsive Fundrasing to the Next Level
“Virtuous is building tools that allow for a highly customized and personalized donor experience. Automations save time and energy for repetitive tasks. The newly released smart gift arrays and website listening tools are going to be game-changers in understanding our donors.”
Communication Specialist

Perfect for nonprofits of every size
“I am use to working in systems like Hubspot and this is the first system that takes on a modern approach to tracking and communicating to donors. The system is easy to navigate, use, and learn. It’s design is very user centric. The automation is very robust and has a ton of features.”
Senior Marketing Coordinator

Simplify your work with a powerful nonprofit CRM built for you

Volunteer Management

Track volunteer engagement and hours volunteered.
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Grant Management

Manage applications and workflow for incoming and outgoing grants.
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Data Segmentation & Search

Easy, powerful query tools with built in segmentation for direct marketing.
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Robust Data Import/Entry

Quickly import/enter donations and process credit cards gifts.
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Reporting & Dashboards

Customize your dashboard and run reports designed for fundraisers.
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Project & Fund Management

Manage giving projects, track success and map to your accounting system.
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Event Management

Create events, track attendance and automate follow-up.
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Mobile Apps

Grow giving with iOS and Android apps designed for fundraisers on the go.
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Popular Integrations & API

Integrate with the cloud-based tools you love or plug into our robust API.
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Explore more ways to grow with Virtuous Automation & Giving

Marketing Automation

Automate follow up tasks, emails and letters based on donor behavior.
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Email Marketing

Easily, build amazing emails and track results to the donor level.
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Giving & Forms

Design your own giving form and easily embed anywhere on your site.
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Web Tracking

See how your donors are engaging on your site. Dynamically change your gift ask amount or automate follow-up after a web visit.
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Direct Mail on Demand

Send one-off letters to donors based on their behavior. No staff time or stamps required..
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Prospect/Lead Forms

Start a conversation with donors using easy to embed web forms.
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