Actionable insights on each donor to increase engagement

Virtuous CRM simplifies donor management and provides valuable, data-rich insights so you can spend your time focused on what really matters: your donors.

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Identify new connections with prospecting & relationship intelligence

Find high-potential donors automatically using Financial and Relational Lead Scores. Maximize giving and ROI with Smart Asks that suggest the best next steps with each donor at scale.

Get valuable insights with demographic, wealth & location data
Understand each donor in a personalized way with appended wealth data, job information, donor images and demographic data.

Integrate social media insights automatically
Social scraping allows users to view donors’ public social media data from 200 sites. Identify donor passions and turn them into advocates for your cause.

Quickly find existing network connections
Find donor giving networks, affiliations with partner organizations and proximity to other donors with a data-rich map view.

Eliminate frustration with powerful nonprofit CRM for your entire team

Intuitive contact and gift management features take the pain out of donor management. Create custom fields and personalize your user dashboards to tailor Virtuous CRM to your specific needs.

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Get the complete picture of generosity with robust gift management
Track project/fund related gifts, soft credits, pledges, planned gifts, non-cash gifts, gift attribution, receipts, premiums and more.

Give your development reps tools to succeed
Optimize the effectiveness of major donor reps with robust donor journey mapping, automated reminders and Gift Ask tracking.

Track the passions and persona of every donor

Make each communication more productive and meaningful to donors. Track givers by their interests, donor persona, group affiliations and communication preferences. View related givers based on shared passions to establish deeper connections.

Use giving patterns or donor passions to easily segment donors for campaigns. Increase giving by focusing on the needs of each donor.

Take the pain out of notes and activity tracking

Quickly create donor notes or log communications including document and picture attachments. Virtuous CRM automatically logs all marketing activities — email, direct mail, website visits and more — to provide valuable insights to your team.

Save time with fast gift entry and data import tools

Our smart gift entry and reconciliation tools reduce staff time, improve data accuracy and provide improved donor experiences. See duplicate donor accounts, merge data and ensure your donors are personally thanked as soon as they give.

Save time and money with robust back office tools
Manage user permissions, custom fields, reporting options, segmentation, data de-duplication and more using a robust suite of administration tools.

Better than we Dreamed!
“We love the customer service. They are very helpful and they understand fundraising as it’s evolving today. They aren’t trying to use outdated methods with today’s quickly changing landscape. They are innovative and the complete deal!”
Annual Fund Director

One of the best CRM/Marketing Automation Platforms
“I am use to working in systems like Hubspot and this is the first system that takes on a modern approach to tracking and communicating to donors. The system is easy to navigate, use, and learn. It’s design is very user centric. The automation is very robust and has a ton of features.”
Senior Marketing Coordinator

Perfect for nonprofits of every size
“I am use to working in systems like Hubspot and this is the first system that takes on a modern approach to tracking and communicating to donors. The system is easy to navigate, use, and learn. It’s design is very user centric. The automation is very robust and has a ton of features.”
Senior Marketing Coordinator

Simplify your work with a powerful nonprofit CRM built for you

Volunteer Management

Track volunteer engagement and hours volunteered.
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Grant Management

Manage applications and workflow for incoming and outgoing grants.
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Data Segmentation & Search

Easy, powerful query tools with built in segmentation for direct marketing.
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Robust Data Import/Entry

Quickly import/enter donations and process credit cards gifts.
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Reporting & Dashboards

Customize your dashboard and run reports designed for fundraisers.
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Project & Fund Management

Manage giving projects, track success and map to your accounting system.
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Event Management

Create events, track attendance and automate follow-up.
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Mobile Apps

Grow giving with iOS and Android apps designed for fundraisers on the go.
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Popular Integrations & API

Integrate with the cloud-based tools you love or plug into our robust API.
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Explore more ways to grow with Virtuous Automation & Giving

Marketing Automation

Automate follow up tasks, emails and letters based on donor behavior.
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Email Marketing

Easily, build amazing emails and track results to the donor level.
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Giving & Forms

Design your own giving form and easily embed anywhere on your site.
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Web Tracking

See how your donors are engaging on your site. Dynamically change your gift ask amount or automate follow-up after a web visit.
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Direct Mail on Demand

Send one-off letters to donors based on their behavior. No staff time or stamps required..
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Prospect/Lead Forms

Start a conversation with donors using easy to embed web forms.
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