Personalization starts here. Listen to donors, synthesize relevant data, and access actionable insights to help retain donors and extend engagement.

“Virtuous lets us personalize every donor experience. Smart gift arrays and website listening tools are game-changers in understanding our donors.”
Jonathan May
Communications Manager, Adult & Teen Challenge

Donor-centric nonprofit teams trust Virtuous

Get the visibility you need to grow

Donor Insights

Know who to contact and what to talk about in a single donor view. Virtuous intelligently suggests your next best action based on each donor’s gift history, social network behaviors, wealth data, demographic data, and more.

Prospect & Relationship Intelligence

See clearly through the noise.

Donor Prospect Reports

Virtuous equips your team with the clarity you need to drive donor connections and grow mission-critical funding.

Leverage demographic, wealth, and social data.

Understand each donor better with appended wealth data, age, birthday, employment information, and social media feeds from over 200 online networks. Find high-potential donors automatically using financial and relational scores.

Track the passions and persona of every donor.

Track givers by their interests, donor persona, affiliations, and communication preferences. View related givers based on shared passions. See each donor’s social media data within their profile.

Use location mapping to create local connections.

Visualize donor giving networks, affiliations, and proximity to other donors with a data-rich map view. Use it to plan events, schedule major donor visits, segment mailings, or target hyper-relevant emails and social ads. See which donors live near each other — or build robust queries to see the geographic density of donors based on interest, persona, or wealth.

Segment & auto-append wealth data in real-time.

Let Virtuous help identify monthly giving prospects or lapsed donors likely to re-engage – all in real-time. Automatically pull in wealth data from DonorSearch for new donors or based upon the criteria you define. Personalize engagement to better serve your donors and build deeper relationships.

Donor Prospect Reports
"Virtuous is custom designed for the needs of fundraisers. It's the most donor-centered software I've ever used."
Jamie Trussell, Chief Development Officer, Adult & Teen Challenge Switched from Blackbaud to Virtuous in 2019

Smart Recommendations

Take the guesswork out of gift asks

Moves Management Recommendations

Quickly identify your best prospects and likely giving behavior using predictive analytics and scoring. Use giving patterns or donor passions to easily segment donors for campaigns.

Grow average gift size by personalizing gift asks.

Build giving arrays that are optimized for each donor level. Virtuous analyzes your donor’s giving behavior and wealth data to determine the best financial gift amount. Dynamically shift online donation gift arrays based recommendations.

Optimize fundraising efforts across your campaigns.

Add dynamic, personalized gift suggestions in fundraising appeals across channels to maximize gift size. Equip your development team with robust donor journey mapping, automated reminders, and gift ask tracking.

See smart recommendations when they matter most.

Virtuous monitors donor trends to prevent attrition. Receive automatic notifications when donors are likely to lapse to help you re-engage them. Maximize giving and ROI with smart asks that suggest the best next steps with each donor.

Popular Features

  • Lead scoring
  • Best next call report
  • Suggested gift asks
  • Pre-lapse predictors
  • Smart gift arrays
  • Auto-append wealth data
  • Social media tracking
Moves Management Recommendations
“Virtuous is an integral part of our organization. It plays a critical role in identifying key partners and donors, and helps drive engagement and financial support so we can have an even greater impact.”
Steve Verleye, Executive Director, Colson Center

Digital Engagement Tracking

Track the entire digital experience, from first web visit to legacy gift.

Donor Behavior Tracking

Use comprehensive engagement data from all your digital channels to easily identify your most engaged donors and deepen donor interest.

See website and email engagement at the donor level.

Track donor activity across your website. Display page views, email opens, and clicks directly on each donor’s profile in the CRM, then use these insights to deliver personalized donor experiences.

Learn about donor passions with content tagging.

Tag web content with specific topics to associate web activity with the affinities and passions of each donor. Easily determine which projects or topics are most important to your donors.

Take the pain out of notes and activity tracking.

Quickly create donor notes or log communications including document and picture attachments. Virtuous CRM automatically logs all marketing activities including email, direct mail, website visits, and more.

Drive automated follow-up based on web behavior.

Automate donor follow-up calls and emails based on your donor’s online behavior to provide a truly personalized, multi-channel experience. With a comprehensive understanding of each individual, you can create the most effective journey for every donor.

Responsive strategies powered by Signals:

  • Tag donors as “engaged” if they visit your site twice a month
  • Send follow-up emails for abandoned donation forms
  • Send exclusive content on a topic when donor spends more that two minutes on a page related to that topic
  • Schedule a follow-up call for donors who visit your event page
Donor Behavior Tracking
“We don’t just use Virtuous for interacting with donors, we also use it to tell our team what their next best tasks are.”
Beth Fisher, SVP & Chief Development Officer, Mel Trotter Ministries

The Donor Journey Explained: Connecting with Generosity at Scale

Learn how to create a map for each of your donor segments with this step-by-step guide for building a donor journey.

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