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Results From Over 600 Digital Fundraising Experiments

Are you disappointed in your digital fundraising results?

Have you put in time and effort and implemented all the best practices and you still aren’t seeing the results you expect?

It turns out…best practices don’t always produce the best results.

NextAfter, a nonprofit research agency, has debunked traditional best practices and uncovered breakthrough principles that produce transformational results. Through rigorous experimentation using a scientific methodology employed by Fortune 100 companies and over 600 experiments, we’ve got answers.

Why You Should Watch this Webinar

We’ll look at the findings from NextAfter’s “mystery donor” research studies and real-world online experiments to share secrets to growing your email file and improving your donation response rates. We’ll walk through proven examples of how you can apply these principles today to your own online fundraising campaigns.

You’ll Learn:

  • The most important predictive indicator of successful online fundraising
  • How to improve follow-up with prospective and existing donors with marketing automation
  • How to dramatically improve donor response by tailoring your communication