How To Use Responsive Fundraising To Retain & Mobilize Your Donors This Year-End & Beyond

You have plans for your year-end fundraising campaigns. But do your plans consider that today’s donor lives in a world of personalized experiences?

From featured recommendations in her favorite apps like Amazon and Instagram to hand-selected pieces delivered straight to her inbox from Nordstrom or Nike, your donor is constantly treated like the most important customer. 

Each experience is uniquely crafted based on what these brands know about her activities, interests, relationships, location and more. Many serving up the exact thing she needs and wants, at the perfect time.

Yet, most nonprofits refuse to try to engage with her in a new way. They are still using fundraising tools and tactics that blast impersonal, mass engagement to 95% of donors and reserve personal, two-way relationships for top givers. 

In this webinar, Noah Barnett, Virtuous’ Director of Research & Insights, will address this growing disconnect between donor expectations and nonprofit actions and provide a playbook for working responsive fundraising tactics into your year-end strategy. 

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of shifting donor preferences and what this means for you during year-end. 
  • A reimagined playbook designed to help you build lasting relationships with all your donors, and grow impact.
  • Six responsive fundraising strategies that you can use this fall and year-end  

This webinar will help you reimagine your fundraising approach and build lasting relationships with all your donors through personalized experience and authentic engagements that are driven by data.

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