Personalize Your Peer-to-Peer: The Complete Guide to Email Automation

Evolving donor expectations and the rise of digital fundraising tools are changing the way we fundraise.
Donor preferences and motivators continue to drive towards the creation of seamless, social giving opportunities. Nonprofits need innovative ways to attract, connect, and communicate with these more sophisticated, socially connected donor bases.

In order to see the best results from peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P), nonprofits can leverage one of their most powerful communication tools: email. To use email effectively at scale, automation is critical. Unfortunately, it can be a significant challenge to strategize ways to optimize P2P with email automation.

Virtuous teamed up with OneCause to develop this complete guide on how to use email automation to optimize your peer-to-peer fundraising efforts.

By combining Virtuous’ expertise in automation with OneCause’s expertise in P2P, this guide demystifies how email automation can create better engagement and ultimately drive better performance in your peer-to-peer campaigns.

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