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Donor development strategies for 2020.
Donor Development Strategies: Questions to Ask Yourself for the Rest of 2020

Think about your donor development strategies from the beginning of 2020. Do you see any major issues compared to what you know now? Let’s be real: A lot of nonprofit folks have had to completely throw out all their plans and fly by the seat of their pants. No one knows exactly what to do,…

Join us for the Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020
The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020: The Complete Guide

Earlier this year, Virtuous hosted the first part of The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020. The goal was to bring together responsive nonprofit leaders to brainstorm, connect and strategize around fundraising in 2020. Specifically, we wanted to address the question: how do we emerge from this crisis to serve donors? Everyone felt a sense of urgency…

Fundraising strategies during Covid 19.
[Podcast] 4 Keys to Fundraising During the COVID-19 Crisis with Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE

Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE, joined us to talk about the challenges facing nonprofit leaders today and what we should be focused on, how we must balance empathy and urgency in our messaging, and her approach to navigating through each stage of a crisis: the response (our current phase), recovery, and resilience building. Barbara brings more than…

Responsive fundraising starts with overcoming inertia
Adopt Responsive Fundraising: Strategies for Overcoming Inertia

When people learn about responsive fundraising, it usually makes sense to them. Very few disagree with its central principles. “NO! We should give donors less of what they want and treat them like anonymous ATMs! Make everything less human, and more transactional!” is not something that we hear a lot of. Most people get it….

The Responsive Weekly Discussion Confirmation
The Responsive Weekly Discussion

Join us Thursday at 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST to discuss The Responsive Weekly with Virtuous team members, special guests and other nonprofit leaders. Get direct access to new ideas, in-depth discussions and helpful success strategies your organization can implement right away. In each live discussion, you’ll: Hear from relevant thought leaders and…

Nonprofit fundraising improves with better nonprofit CRM.
4 Actions Responsive Nonprofits are Taking to Ensure Growth in 2020 and Beyond

Barbara O’Reilly was recently featured on our Responsive Fundraising Podcast, where she discussed the three stages that follow an unexpected world event. First, the response phase, where we each find a way to contain the negative impact of the change. Next, comes the recovery phase, in which we all work together to find a way…

Responsive fundraising strategies to convert customers to donors.
How Responsive Fundraising Strategies Help Turn Customers into Long-Term Donors

We talk extensively about the modern donor. Their elevated expectations are the driving force behind nonprofits switching to responsive fundraising strategies. But nonprofits aren’t the only ones who feel that shift. According to Markstein and Certus Insights, seventy percent of consumers want to know what the brands they support are doing to assist in social…

Learn how to use the Virtuous tracking pixel for nonprofit fundraising.
Virtuous Web Listener: The Tracking Pixel Responsive Nonprofits Need to Grow Revenue

At Virtuous, our top priority is to support nonprofits as they evolve to meet the demands of the modern donor. That means identifying generosity trends, researching new fundraising philosophies and adding new features to our products on a regular basis.  Recently, we released a tracking pixel called Web Listener to help our customers understand their…

Automation workflows can help you be a more responsive nonprofit.
Responsive Marketing Automation Plays Nonprofits Can Use on Social Media

The success of marketing automation and responsive fundraising relies on the constant collection of donor data. It’s important to pull from website behavior and email engagements. However, to get a full picture of your donor, you need to pull from social media, too.  We put together a list of a few use cases for marketing…

Responsive fundraisers understand what Elizabeth Dunn outlines in her talk.
How Responsive Fundraisers Serve Donor Happiness and Humanity

Recently, I stumbled upon Elizabeth Dunn’s Ted Talk Helping Others Makes Us Happier…But It Matters How We Do It and it instantly became a favorite. In 15 minutes, Elizabeth explained the motivation behind every act of generosity and why responsive fundraisers are critical to the future of giving. To hear her talk in its entirety,…