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GivingTuesday email templates

#GivingTuesday 2020 Email Templates

GivingTuesday, the Global Day of Giving, was created in 2012. It’s grown exponentially since then, with nonprofits around the world raising money and celebrating generosity on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  If your organization participated in GivingTuesday the past, you may have marketing and fundraising materials to pull from. After all, you’ve already built email templates,…

Virtuous Automation connects nonprofit teams and donors.
Virtuous Automation Expands Capabilities and Scales Growth

Responsive fundraising calls on nonprofits to create hyper-personalized donor journeys for each individual in their donor base. As such, it often requires more from nonprofit teams. Before we unveiled responsive fundraising, we knew it wasn’t enough to simply give a name to the new fundraising system. It was our responsibility to make it possible for…

Essential features of nonprofit crm.
9 Essential Nonprofit CRM Features For Your Team

Can your software decisions impact your donor retention? Yes! Especially if you’re choosing a nonprofit CRM. When you’re choosing software, it can feel like you’re making a cut-and-dried decision that’s mostly a matter of cost-comparison and ease-of-use vs. number-of-features. But nonprofit software is about a lot more than that.  A nonprofit CRM isn’t just about…

Charity auction gifts for end of year fundraising.
Holiday Charity Auctions: 6 Item Ideas to Excite Donors

This post was contributed by Kelly Velasquez-Hague who brings over 20 years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and sales/marketing experience to her role as the Director of Content Marketing for OneCause. It’s never too early to get excited for the year-end holidays, right? For the nonprofit sector and this year, in particular, the year-end season is more important…

Online Giving Playbook from Virtuous
Online Giving Playbook

The Quick Start Guide to Raising More Money Online Online giving is a critical part of your entire fundraising system. We know more donors giving more of their gifts online. But more importantly, nonprofits are using online giving behavior to create more personalized donor experiences. To help you get the most out of your online…

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Donor development strategies for 2020.
Donor Development Strategies: Questions to Ask Yourself for the Rest of 2020

Think about your donor development strategies from the beginning of 2020. Do you see any major issues compared to what you know now? Let’s be real: A lot of nonprofit folks have had to completely throw out all their plans and fly by the seat of their pants. No one knows exactly what to do,…

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Join the Most Important Conversations for Responsive Nonprofit Leaders The Responsive Weekly is not a skim-and-delete newsletter. It’s a space where responsive nonprofit leaders can debate, discuss and brainstorm the most pressing topics. Each week, we curate a list of conversations, reports, podcasts and more to deliver directly to your inbox. Then, we spend 30…

Nonprofit marketing automation is required for growth.
Nonprofit Marketing Automation: Tools to Scale Success, Not Robots Taking Over

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “marketing automation”? Factory lines, pushing out a product? Mass emails, devoid of the personal touch? A bunch of robots, slowly taking over your nonprofit?  How about greater personalization, high-touch donor journeys, and better engagement with your supporters, on and offline?  Fundraising and marketing automation is…

Join us for the Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020
The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020: The Complete Guide

Earlier this year, Virtuous hosted the first part of The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020. The goal was to bring together responsive nonprofit leaders to brainstorm, connect and strategize around fundraising in 2020. Specifically, we wanted to address the question: how do we emerge from this crisis to serve donors? Everyone felt a sense of urgency…