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How Operation Mobilization Used Metrics-Driven Fundraising Strategies to Accelerate Growth with Virtuous and RaiseDonors

About the RaiseDonors + Virtuous Partnership

Integrated giving experiences that drive donor loyalty

Integrated Tools Provide Seamless, Real-Time Data

Sync gift and donor data to save time for your team and provide a frictionless experience for your donors.
Benefits include:

  • Donation data syncing
  • Visibility into offline giving in portal
  • Automatic Contact Updates

Integrated Teams Execute Better

Coordinated efforts ensure success in revenue and donor experiences.
Benefits include:

  • Cross-trained support from customer success teams
  • Personalized help and advice
  • Shared access to content and documentation

Operation Mobilization chose RaiseDonors and Virtuous to create a frictionless giving experience for donors

About Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization (OM) is a Christian Missions organization, formed 60 years ago, with a mission to reach 3 billion individuals with the Gospel. OM focuses every project, ministry and endeavor on creating vibrant communities of Jesus followers and helping them flourish amongst the unreached.

Today, OM supports over 5,000 workers, representing more than 100 nationalities across traditional missions, Mercy Ships, marketplace and cross-cultural initiatives.

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Challenges to Solve

OM was locked into a legacy donor management system that provided limited integration with outside tools. OM fundraisers also struggled to access data insights that could accelerate their efforts. OM’s challenges included:

Hard-to Use-Tools
Lack of Flexible Reporting
Lack of Data Access

Non-Integrated Tools
Lack of Vendor Support
Clunky Giving Experiences

Lag in Time-to-Launch Giving Pages
Limited Staff Users
Disconnected Email Marketing

How We Helped

Virtuous and RaiseDonors worked with OM to understand their needs and created a plan to launch Giving, CRM and marketing solutions tailored to their specific goals.

Instantly launch giving pages anytime, anywhere

The RaiseDonors team worked closely with OM to dramatically reduce the time required to launch giving pages for new missionaries. The result was time saved and reduced overhead for OM. Most importantly, the optimized pages converted at a higher rate, and increased revenue, for missionaries.

Technology Note
Fund & project syncing across platforms helps OM tie online gifts to funding projects. OM can have all projects tied to a single page, taking the pain out of web management and gift attribution.

“The teams at RaiseDonors and Virtuous truly understand nonprofits and the importance of our mission.”

Todd Shinabarger, CIO

Improved Access to Data and Insights

OM needed to manage their major donor pipeline with ease in order to accurately predict revenue throughout the year. Complex reporting that included various data types required more sophisticated Business Intelligence tools. The custom BI reporting from Virtuous provided OM with clear, metrics-driven forecasting directly within the CRM platform. The result was better revenue forecasting and more funds directed towards the frontlines of the work.

“Thanks for your outstanding customer service. In 30 years of fundraising leadership I have never seen this level of service from a CRM provider.”

John Cerniglia, CDO

Leverage Products Built for Fundraising and Teams Committed to Customer Success.

Unlike other options that had to be retrofitted for nonprofits, the Virtuous + RaiseDonors platforms provided OM with the flexibility and cost savings of enterprise, cloud-based products without the clunky user experience. OM was able to see the value from the platform right away thanks to the purpose-built software built for relational fundraising.

More importantly, the fundraiser-first customer success teams at RaiseDonors and Virtuous were able to spend the necessary time with OM team members to provide insights from a deep knowledge of other nonprofit customers.

Save Time with Tight Integration and Automation

Before Virtuous and RaiseDonors, OM wasted countless hours manually updating data inside separate spreadsheets. The full integration of email, giving and CRM saved hours by simplifying data management. The Virtuous Automation platform executed meaningful follow up and data updates automatically so that important engagement opportunities were never missed.

Fundraising Tools that Users Love

One of the biggest challenges OM experienced was the limited usability available on their legacy CRM. Only a few users were able to navigate the system and key users across the organization were prohibited from quickly accessing the data necessary to do their work. The Virtuous and RaiseDonors platforms made it easy to provide agency to all OM team members. With a robust permissions system and flexible user licensing agreements, OM didn’t have to pay extra to add additional users to their software.

Metrics-Driven Donor Management

OM needed a tool that everyone on the fundraising team felt comfortable using. More importantly, they needed to translate real-time insights into strategic fundraising opportunities. For the first time, major donor reps enjoyed using their software tools after adopting Virtuous and RaiseDonors. OM was able to drive more productive fundraising activity across the organization. The integrated platforms allowed all key stakeholders to see a single view of forecasting, gift asks, KPI reports, email activity, online giving and more.

“The shared user experience across all of our data sets makes the platform easier to support the team. And the seamless email integration provides a single platform for fundraising.”

Joas Slagmolen

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