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Listen to nonprofit leaders and fundraising experts uncover how today’s top nonprofits craft remarkable donor experiences and build lasting relationships at scale.

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Featured Season 2 Episodes

  • Gabe Cooper and Noah Barnett

    Virtuous Software

    Gabe and Noah introduce Season 2 and lay out the fundamental tenants of Responsive Fundraising

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  • Hilary Noon

    EVP at Pursuant

    Hilary talks about the first-ever Donor Loyalty Benchmark Study and why donor loyalty is a metric fundraisers should be pursuing.

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  • Dan Reed

    CEO of Seed Fundraisers

    Dan shares what he believes the true purpose of a fundraising professional is, and a few tips on how to evolve your posture toward your nonprofit's donors.

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  • Greg Warner

    CEO of MarketSmart

    Greg talks about his personal experience as a disgruntled donor, what today's donor really wants from nonprofits, and engagement strategies he's seen nonprofits tap to build authentic relationships with their donors.

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  • T Clay Buck


    On this episode, we're joined by T. Clay Buck, a recovering actor and reluctant data geek, and we discuss what fundraising leaders should be focused on as we wade into 2020 and beyond.

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  • Brian Sooy

    President of AESPIRE

    Brian Sooy, the president of AESPIRE, joins us to talk about uncovering and clarifying your nonprofit's story, the art of focus, and why supporter-centered storytelling is a must.

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  • Chad Williams

    CEO and Founder of Five Q

    Chad Williams, the CEO and Founder of Five Q and Journity, joins us to talk about the five mindsets of a modern fundraising strategy, how infusing personalization into your messaging drives up results, and a simple framework for donor engagement in 2020 and beyond.

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  • Julia Campbell

    Author, Speaker, and Digital Strategist

    Julia Campbell joins us to talk about the current state of social media, how nonprofits should be maximizing social channels, and the dos and don'ts on how to use social engagement for fundraising.

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  • Shannon McCracken

    CEO at The Nonprofit Alliance

    Shannon McCracken joins us to talk about the current fundraising landscape, why trust and relevancy our essential now more than ever, and her take on what nonprofit leaders should focus on amidst times of crisis and uncertainty.

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  • Sarah Olivieri

    Founder at PivotGround

    Sarah Olivieri joins us to share lessons learned from over 15 years of nonprofit leadership, how vulnerability and respite help nonprofits thrive, and a simple, yet effective framework that prioritizes process and two-week sprint cycles to laborious strategic planning as fuel for improvement and growth.

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  • Sophie W. Penney

    Director of Foundation Relations

    Sophie W. Penney, Ph.D. joins us to talk about the challenges facing nonprofit leaders today, why fundraisers should adopt a teacher's mindset, and a framework to identify and isolate challenges to ensure you navigate them well.

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  • Barbara O'Reilly


    Barbara joins us to talk about the challenges facing nonprofit leaders today and what we should be focused on, how we must balance empathy and urgency in our messaging, and her approach to navigating through each stage of a crisis.

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  • Martin Leifield

    Fundraising and Leadership Author

    Martin Leifield joins us to share his insights and experience, while also highlighting the characteristics of an effective fundraiser and the GCC methodology that helps you cultivate deeper donor relationships.

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  • Oli Bridge

    Using Personalized Video To Grow Donor Relationships

    Oli Bridge, the head of marketing at Bonjoro, joins us to talk about the power of personalization, and how nonprofits are using personalized video to close the gap between givers and the good and increase giving.

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  • Dawn Crawford

    Nonprofit Communications & How To Connect Donors With Your Cause

    Dawn Crawford, the engine behind BC/DC Ideas, joins us to share her insights on how nonprofits can craft communications that bridge the gap between donors and the cause, leading to increased connection and engagement.

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