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How Automation and Cloud-Based Software Helped UMOM Grow Giving and Improve Internal Processes

Automation Added Instant Value to Donors and UMOM Fundraisers

The Automation features integrated natively with the Virtuous nonprofit CRM were the most compelling reason for making the switch from their legacy fundraising software. What they didn’t expect was the immediate impact it would have on donor relationships. Benefits include:

  • Prompt Acknowledgment of All Donors After Giving
  • Complex Workflows Create Unique Donor Experiences
  • Easily Update Each Team Member’s Portfolio with Task Priorities

Cloud-Based Software Creates Fundraising Opportunities Anywhere

A major pillar of UMOM fundraising efforts is donor events. With the cloud-based technology Virtuous provides, they were able to grant access and train volunteers on the CRM wherever their events were held. Moreover, any updates made to virtuous remotely are accessible immediately to the home office. Benefits include:

  • Cross-trained support from customer success teams
  • Personalized access to individual users
  • Shared access to information and documentation on-the-go

About UMOM New Day Centers

UMOM New Day Centers is dedicated to providing shelter, housing and services for people experiencing homelessness. Through innovative strategies, their team has worked to meet the unique needs of each family and individual in Phoenix, Arizona.

Each night, they provide shelter and services for over 170 families and offer nearly 300 units of affordable housing across the Valley. Their work continues with advocates, service providers and generous donors.

Challenges to Solve

UMOM needed a donor management system that could easily work on-and-off-site. They value innovation and solutions that can work in a variety of ways, but their old CRM did not keep up with their demands.

The rigid design of their legacy system made it difficult to keep track of data in real-time and added extra layers of difficulty to their event planning. It was also important for UMOM to be able to create unique and timely donor experiences for their community, but their previous system lacked the necessary automation features. Not only was their team having to do more work, but many donors were left without so much as a thank you receipt.

Common complaints included:

  • Hard-to-Use Tools
  • Non-Integrated Tools
  • Lag in Information Updates
  • Limited Staff and Volunteer Users
  • Lack of Data Access
  • Difficult Giving Experiences
  • Disconnected Marketing Features

How We Helped

The Virtuous Team worked with UMOM to identify the best immediate solutions as well as long-term innovation goals that Virtuous could support with. Through partnership and dedicated trainings, the UMOM team was able to see success across departments.

Improve Access to Data and Insights

Now, with cloud-based software and flexible user permissions, UMOM was able to use Virtuous that connected their back office more effectively with their off-site fundraising strategy and field work. Not only could they empower off-site staff and volunteers to use Virtuous during major events, the team was also able to improve their digital fundraising efforts.

“With Tasks and Automation, we are able to easily assign things like thank you calls to staff and volunteers. The results improved our overall stewardship efforts.”

The globalization of data inside the organization also made it easier for teams to collaborate and accomplish goals faster. Everything from building better marketing campaigns to seeing clean, up-to-date data that everyone could agree on helped push UMOM closer to their fundraising goals.

“We also have made concerted efforts to capture and record more relational data through Social Insights. We able to see our donors as unique individuals, rather than just a name.”

Partnership that Serves as a Foundation for Success

As with any change of fundraising software, one of the first challenges to solve was was data migration. For UMOM, that meant organizing and transferring a large volume of complex data seamlessly so that their team could focus on understanding the platform and using the features as soon as possible.

UMOM selected Virtuous because we built a robust customer success team dedicated to working closely with new customers to understand their fundraising strategy before ever moving data.

“We had a large database that had gone through prior conversions, so it was an arduous process to map all the constituent and gift fields, but Virtuous made it painless.”

Save Time with Optimized Gift Experience

Although Automation was the primary reason for making the switch to Virtuous, UMOM found that the improved giving experience was an unexpected benefit of their investment. Not only could they send quick email receipts to each individual donor, but they also enjoyed a much cleaner and simpler database manager that saved time in gift entry and contact updates.

“To easily set up targeted giving forms for special campaigns and track that data has allowed for specialization of our fundraising efforts.”

Specialization at scale is what Virtuous provides for all our customers. No matter how you raise funds and connect with donors, Virtuous will be your growth partner, constantly evolving to meet your needs.

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