We love how the Virtuous team thinks. They are building a database for the future... not dragging an old system forward. They're building a system for relationships first.

Case Study: OneHope

OneHope is a large, faith-based nonprofit based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Their mission is to change lives by sharing Scripture with children and youth around the world.

OneHope is regarded as one of the most innovative nonprofits in their space. Though they employ 185 staff members in 179 countries, they remain incredibly agile in their approach to their mission.

Like their programs, OneHope maintains a robust and complex fundraising strategy. They leverage sophisticated strategies for direct mail, internet, email, events and church networks to connect with donors and communicate impact.

Unfortunately, the organization had been tied to a large, legacy donor management system that stifled growth and donor generosity.

OneHope improved efficiency and reduced the cost of gift entry & receipting by over 50%


Broad Access to Actionable Data

OneHope was committed to helping their entire staff share their mission and vision – but staff members didn’t even have access to the organizational partner donor data. They lacked the insights to clearly understand the passions and behaviors of their constituency and leverage that to take meaningful action.

Donor Fatigue

There are a lot of players in the Bible space who are all broadcasting similar generic messages. Donors are fatigued with the same stock, paint-by-number communication. OneHope needed a way to stand out in the crowd and tell their story in a more personalized way.

Communicating Impact and Challenges

OneHope is committed to sharing both the impact and challenges faced by their ministry. They know that giving their donors transparency to the frontlines of the cause helps create an authentic, sustainable movement. Their donor management tools made this data too opaque for the donors and staff to understand and support their mission.

Data Entry Time and Cost

OneHope’s legacy system made gift entry and processing incredibly cumbersome, and partner notes were being re-entered from handwritten staff notes. The extra data entry overhead created additional costs as well as lags in donor follow-up.

"It was never really a question of giving our staff access to our legacy system. It wasn't a user friendly system for learning or pulling data." Sheryl Root
Partner Database Manager

The Virtuous Solution

Virtuous worked with the OneHope team to truly understand their needs, then deployed our CRM solution that empowered their entire staff to grow generosity.

Easy-of-Use for the Entire Team

The Virtuous solution works for nonprofits of every shape and size, and it is designed to be as easy to use as the consumer-facing technology that nonprofit staff are accustomed to. As a result, we were able to deploy the CRM to the entire OneHope team and instantly provide real time access to donor insights.

The result was a dramatic improvement in donor communication and reduction in response time to donors.

All of our staff have direct access to Virtuous and are working from it. We have to provide our staff with far less training with Virtuous because it's very intuitive. It doesn't require a 500-page training manual.

Creating Personal Relationships to Combat Donor Fatigue

Virtuous provides the OneHope team with actionable, real-time data related to social media behavior, giving patterns and geolocation. The result is a marketing strategy that allows OneHope to send more personal communications rather than generic, one-to-many messaging.

Transparency into Impact and Challenges

The Virtuous system is designed to decrease the distance between your donors and the front lines of your cause. For OneHope, the Virtuous project structure is tied to:

  • Project impact and notes from the field
  • Media and images from the field
  • Fund codes in the accounting system
  • OneHope’s online fundraising integration with iDonate

The result is the ability to quickly tie donor giving – or donor passions – to the impact of projects in real time. By shortening the distance between donors and the impact/challenges of their gifts, OneHope is able to make their donors feel like they are truly part of the cause. The end result is more loyal donors who are willing to be a megaphone for the OneHope cause.

"Real-time access to rich partner data provides our staff with a better overall understanding of who that person is, which in turn allows us to truly personalize our contact with them, whether it's email, mail, a call or a note." Sheryl Root
Partner Database Manager

Dramatic Reduction in the Time and Cost of Data Entry

Back office gift entry was one of the biggest pain points for the OneHope team. Through integration with outside tools and improved data reconciliation software, they were able to dramatically reduce the time and cost of gift entry and receipting.

Because of the improved usability of Virtuous, OneHope was also able to empower their staff to enter their own notes in the system. Previously, notes were being double entered, which created increased cost and caused incomplete/missing data and lags in donor follow up.

The result is a partnership that allows OneHope to grow generosity without the barrier of antiquated software.

"The time it takes our partner services team to enter gifts is less than half of what it used to be. We went from a 3 day processing time to less than a day to enter and receipt." Sheryl Root
Partner Database Manager

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