Insightful Donor Growth

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue doubled its donor file in four years, after adopting Virtuous.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue provides senior dogs with a second chance at life. They rescue them, give them the care they need, find them loving homes, and spread the word about how their wonderful senior dogs are changing the lives of their new loving owners.

Muttville was founded in 2007 by Sherri Franklin, a longtime animal advocate and rescue worker. Working from her house, Sherri rescued 27 dogs that year. Since then, Muttville has grown into a nationally recognized organization that rescues approximately 1000 dogs a year.

Muttville has been recognized for its groundbreaking approach to animal rescue. Their cage-free facility, focus on fostering, on-site veterinary suite, and hospice program are innovations that have been lauded and emulated around the country.

Muttville’s donors are intrinsically connected to its mission. Many of them adopted Muttville dogs first, before becoming volunteers and donors.

Customer Since


Challenges to Solve

Inflexible Legacy Systems

Though 90 percent of Muttville’s revenue is dependent upon individual donors, the CRM they were previously using was not user-friendly, helpful, or scalable. Muttville is a rapidly growing organization that needed a CRM that could grow with them. Not only was the previous CRM expensive, only two people could use the CRM at a time so there was no way to efficiently and effectively use it as a team.

Additionally, Muttville has a small staff and a large donor database. As a lean operation, they needed better information about their donors to develop deep, personalized donor relationships at scale to increase impact.

Muttville’s Challenges

  • Previous CRM was primitive
  • Expensive considering the lack of functionality
  • No wealth information on donors

How Virtuous Helped

“I continue to be so impressed with Virtuous and your ability to be responsive and nimble.”

– Erick Smith, Development and Operations Manager at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

A Solution-Oriented Approach

The number of donors in Muttville’s database has doubled in the four years that they have used Virtuous. They needed a CRM that served the needs of a growing, thriving organization.  When Muttville made the switch to Virtuous they noted how well the Virtuous team listened, understood their needs and concerns, and worked together to make sure Muttville’s needs were met. In fact, they requested an integration with DonorSearch that Virtuous had planned to roll out later. Because of Virtuous’ solution-oriented approach, the integration was prioritized and Muttville was able to use it upon implementation.

Better Donor Information

With the DonorSearch integration Virtuous implemented, the Muttville team is able to see a brief snapshot of each donor’s capacity and likelihood to give. This has given them better information when approaching donors in a responsive, personalized way and has helped their major gift officer create a portfolio and more effectively target donors to steward.

“At Virtuous you get this ‘startup’ vibe where it’s more about ‘let’s make this happen’ as opposed to ‘well, that’s just not possible.’ There is a ‘can-do-it-ness’ attitude. That was very compelling to us. We don’t see roadblocks, we just see opportunities to overcome them. If your mission is so important, the roadblocks can’t be all-consuming. Virtuous was very willing to work with us, help us solve problems, and be there if we had questions.”

-Erick Smith, Development Operations Manager

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