Turn Your Fans into Fundraisers

How Classy and Virtuous partner to activate your existing donors, acquire new donors, and create lasting loyalty

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About the Classy + Virtuous Partnership

Using Automation & Data Insights to Accelerate Fundraising Campaigns

Shared Campaign and Donor Insights

Get a focused view of who is giving and to which campaigns in your CRM. Benefits include:

  • Gift integration
  • Campaign syncing
  • Visibility into teams/P2P in your CRM

True Partners and Shared Customer Success Goals

Leverage our experienced teams that work together towards your goals. Benefits include:

  • Connected customer success teams
  • Shared content and documentation
  • Strategic product alignment

How an Integrated Fundraising, CRM and Automation Platform Drives Measurable Results

Combine results of peer-to-peer and campaign-based digital fundraising to create exponential fundraising growth for your nonprofit.

  • Use data insights from your CRM to identify your organization’s biggest and most dedicated influencers to drive P2P fundraising
  • Automatically follow up with campaign participants using Marketing Automation based on the campaign they gave to or the team they were a part of to increase your second gift success rate
  • Integrate direct mail and donor behavior-driven calls into your Classy campaigns to maximize ROI
  • Tailor your Classy fundraising events to the right audience using geo-location, wealth and affinity data from your CRM.

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Case Study: UMOM

A Holistic Approach to Events

UMOM used the integration between Classy and Virtuous to manage their Annual Walk the Walk to End Homelessness. Over 1,900 participants wear flip flops during the 5k event to raise money and awareness for the homeless population in Phoenix. The event is so popular with participants that it is the record holder for the largest flip flop walk in America.

With such a successful event, UMOM needed support from automation to ensure they took advantage of every opportunity post-event. The results were a “game-changer” according to events manager.They were able to track their participation and follow up based on specific interests indicated by their website and event behavior. Being able to build better relationships with donors when their interest and enthusiasm peaked resulted in higher engagement and fundraising.

With holistic views of donors in a single place, plus dedicated support and training that answered their questions, UMOM was able to turn one of their most successful events into a record-breaking experience for donors.

“For constituents that came our (Classy) event we were able to track that they came to the event and then put them on an automation track based on their specific interests. I think that’s something special that not a lot of other CRMs have.”

–Amanda Montelongo-Fisher

Case Study: The Last Well

Game-Changing Visibility into Donor Behavior

The Last Well is dedicated to providing access to safe drinking water for the entire nation of Liberia by 2020. Before adding Virtuous, The Last Well juggled Quickbooks and Classy to manage and engage donors.

According to Randy LeTourneau, Vice President of Field Operations at The Last Well, “Moving from Quickbooks and Classy for donor management to Virtuous and Classy was a jump of light years in functionality and information, not to mention flexibility.”

With more visibility into donor behavior, The Last Well has been able to identify trends in donor behavior, allowing for more effective follow up, and stronger donor relationships. In fact, this visibility has enabled The Last Well to improve their outreach: “We noticed our trend as an organization to attract new donors but not do well at donor care and maintenance. Without the tools available in a highly-featured CRM/Donor Management tool, this information may not have been possible to identify.” That kind of insight has enabled them to make strategic adjustments that have led to even higher donor engagement.

“I highly recommend both Classy and Virtuous as I would consider them both best-in-class products that any organization can use regardless of the expertise available to them with staff.”

–Randy LeTourneau, Vice President of Field Operations

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