Virtuous Is The Newest Member of The Giving Institute

Virtuous joins The Giving Institute

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It’s been an amazing six months of growth at Virtuous. Our team continues to grow. We’ve  added unprecedented features to our product suite. And, most recently, we are proud to announce that we have joined The Giving Institute as their newest member.

For those who might not be familiar, The Giving Institute is counted among the most influential and important organizations for advancing the field of professional fundraising. Their dedication to ethics and excellence not only makes them a leader, but it also aligns closely with our values at Virtuous. 

One of the most important contributions The Giving Institute provides fundraisers is the annual Giving USA report. First published in 1955, the research provides a comprehensive look at the state of philanthropy in the United States. It was the data provided by The Giving Institute that led us to identify the generosity gap, and ultimately, the need for a shift from traditional fundraising to responsive fundraising.

Becoming a member solidifies the Virtuous commitment to serving nonprofits with reliable data, powerful software and actionable solutions so that they can treat all their donors like major donors. Gabe Cooper, our CEO, said it best, “The Giving Institute is on the leading edge of delivering insights and thought leadership in the nonprofit space. We are proud and excited to be part of the group.” 

As members, we look forward to contributing in a way that elevates donor experiences and celebrates the deeply personal motivations behind every act of generosity. Virtuous is excited to work with The Giving Institute to expand what is possible for nonprofits as they work to connect with and engage the modern donor. 

If you want to learn more about the group, its history and understand why we’re so excited to be part of its membership, check out their website. You can also download the most recent Giving USA report to see the valuable data they provide year after year. 

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