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The NextAfter Team put on a top-notch conference this week in San Antonio!

They had the best and brightest fundraisers, consultants, and agencies from around the country presenting over 2 days and live-streamed the entire event. If you weren’t able to attend or missed the live-stream, now’s your time learn all the insights the attendees gained from being there live.

Visit the NextAfter Facebook page to see the live stream

5 Types of Marketing You Can Improve with Audience Data Insights

Nonprofits that are able to become multi-channel marketers tend to accel. Nonprofits that focus on a single channel tend to become stagnant, or worse, shrivel up and die.

These insights from FullContact are a great reminder how you can use data to drive results.

Read the full article on the FullContact Blog

List Acquisition and Email Validation – 10 Examples for Organic List Growth

Speaking of improved growth and better performance… the good folks at ReturnPath had a GREAT post about organic email list growth with examples of how to do it right.

Read the full article from ReturnPath

Is Your Annual Report Worth it?

Nonprofits tend to expand a lot of mental energy on Annual Reports. And rightly, so… they’re important for major donors, your core supporters, and for prospects looking to support your organization for the first time. But are they worth the effort you’re putting into them?

Get BetterFundraising’s perspective by reading their post published this week.

Read the full article on

The Growth in Total Household Giving Is Camouflaging a Decline in Giving…

The Nonprofit Quarterly has an EXCELLENT blog post (if you’re a data nerd like myself).

Take a deep-dive into household giving and small-to-medium donors. You won’t be sorry spending 15 minutes to read this post.

Read the full article on Nonprofit Quarterly

Responsive Fundraising: The Blueprint for Engaging Modern Donors

Traditional fundraising strategies no longer work. This blueprint explains why today's donor expects more, and how nonprofits are shifting to responsive fundraising.

Get the Blueprint