The Responsive Weekly Recap: Game-Changing Habit Hacks for Fundraisers

The Responsive Weekly Recap Mallory Erickson

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The Responsive Weekly is a space where responsive nonprofit leaders can debate, discuss and brainstorm the most pressing topics. Each week, we curate a list of conversations, reports, podcasts, and more to deliver directly to your inbox.

Then, we spend 30 minutes meeting together over Zoom to discuss each topic, present new ideas, and provide success strategies for our community of responsive fundraisers. (If you’re not already attending, subscribe here!)

This week, nonprofit executive coach and fundraising consultant Mallory Erickson joined us to talk about habits that can improve your fundraising and move you from a reactive to a proactive approach.

Top Takeaways

  • Habit #1: 7 Day “No” Challenge–Make a habit of cold calling lapsed donors and inviting them to give, with the goal of celebrating every “no” you hear. Fundraising is a numbers game, and you need a lot of no to get to yes.
  • Habit #2: 5 and Dive–Every time you’re prospecting (corporations, individuals, foundations) instead of making an exhaustive list, stop at 5 prospects and then reach out to them.
  • Habit #3: Fearless 45 (or 15!)–Start your day with a set amount of time to check off the scariest tasks that you can complete in that time.

We Also Talked About:

  • Tiny Habits
  • Free to Focus
  • Atomic Habits
  • Kindly and clearly enforcing boundaries
  • When “helper energy” can help, when it can steer you wrong
  • When the desire to be likable can trip you up
  • Strategies for blocking out time to work on your high-priority tasks

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