I Like My Coffee Shaken – Not Stirred

Mckenna Bailey

My daughter is getting married in less than two weeks.  Don’t congratulate me.  It is a bit like winning the Price is Right Showcase Showdown.  While I am thrilled to win a wonderful new son, the bill I will receive after is a bit of a buzz kill.

So to celebrate my daughter’s impending nuptials, the girls in our family (4 moms and 8 adult daughters) had a fun little vacation.  Leaving early for the adventure, my niece asked me to bring her a cup of coffee to go.  I grabbed a thermos and was out the door.

She could barely drink out of it – as though this was the first time she had drunk coffee on-the go. Frustrated, I told her just to take the top off and drink out of it that way.

Fast forward two weeks…. I was cleaning out some kitchen clutter and found the same thermos. “We need to throw this away. It doesn’t work” I mention to my boyfriend.  “What do you mean it doesn’t work?” he asked. “It is the WORST coffee mug EVER.  You can barely drink out of it!” I replied.  “Ummmmm…that is because it is a martini shaker, honey.”

Stop laughing. It actually happened.

But it got me thinking: how many things are we using that really weren’t built for the desired purpose. Think of your current nonprofit CRM.  Are you using a martini shaker when you really need a coffee mug?  Salesforce and other sales-driven CRMs are made for transactions and managing sales leads. They work great for what they are built to do, just like the martini shaker.  But you are trying to drink coffee, not make a martini.

Virtuous is built to help nonprofits do what they do best: inspire generosity to provide the funding necessary to accomplish your mission.   No more drinking out of a martini shaker because that is all you have.  Start using the right tools made for great outcomes.

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