Gabe Cooper talks The Responsive Framework at NIO Summit 2019.

[WATCH] Virtuous Reveals Responsive Fundraising at 2019 NIO Summit

Mckenna Bailey

A few months ago, Gabe was asked to speak at the NIO Summit, hosted by our partners at NextAfter. While everyone at Virtuous appreciates any opportunity to speak to nonprofit professionals, this event was incredibly important. During his talk, Gabe unveiled The Responsive Framework for responsive fundraisers.

In his presentation, Gabe explained the reason for the current generosity crisis that many nonprofits are experiencing. He then explained the philosophy of responsive fundraising — the strategy leading nonprofits are using to grow giving from modern donors.

Responsive fundraisers use listen, connect and suggest to provide individual donors with the deeply personalized experience previously reserved exclusively for major donors. The Responsive Framework is not simply a new way of applying the same traditional fundraising strategies that you’ve always tried. Rather, responsive fundraising is a new way to think about donor relationships at scale. It is a way to use the hyper-connected world of behavior data and powerful software to do more good.

Now, you can watch the talk in its entirety. If you want to learn more about responsive fundraising, why it’s important and how to implement it in your nonprofit, check out our Responsive Blueprint. We outline the fundamentals introduced in this talk, plus provide actionable ways to make the shift in your organization.

Thanks to NextAfter and everyone at the 2019 NIO Summit for making this an amazing experience. We look forward to next year and beyond!

NIO Summit: Gabe Cooper Responsive Fundraising Innovation Showcase from Virtuous Software on Vimeo.

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