How Rescue Missions Are Adapting To Sustain & Grow Mission-Critical Funding

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Virtuous brought together rescue mission leaders across the U.S. (virtually, of course) to talk about how to create a more generous, resilient, and hopeful future to break the cycles of poverty in the communities they serve.

These nonprofit leaders are adapting to reach donors in highly personalized ways at scale. 100% of all the attendees experienced revenue growth this past year at their organization. That’s the power of responsive fundraising.

Panelists and participants shared invaluable insights into how to use responsive fundraising in 2021 to create personalized donor experiences to generate mission-critical funding.

In our changing world, nonprofit technology solutions should be built to speak to the heart of every one of your donors. As we emerge from 2020 and map go-forward strategies for 2021 this is more important than ever.

3 Fundraising Strategies for Rescue Missions

Tailor your messaging to segments

Candace Gregory and the team at Open Door Mission use Virtuous  to:

  • Identify tailored segments from volunteers to major donors to recurring donors
  • Communicate personalized messages to each of their segments
  • Increase giving by creating personal donor journeys

“Virtuous makes it very easy for us to communicate with all of the different segments within our donors and we can send a different message to each one. This was huge for us because we were strategic in what we were communicating. We are reaping the benefits of that – 91% of our major donors have been active with us in the last 30 days.”

Be consistent

Consistency lends to credibility. Be open and honest with your supports about the current challenges, needs, and victories. Empower them with information so they can be advocates in their circles of influence, too.

  • Create purpose in your communications
  • Share how supporters can help from donating to volunteering in place
  • Identify the organization’s greatest needs

Put yourself in your supporters shoes

Closing the book on 2020 and turning the page to 2021 does not mean that the current environment and challenges our missions face will go away. It also means that the circumstances, stresses, and other challenges facing our supports won’t change either. Continue to empathize with your donors and supports into 2021.

  • Say thank you, and then say thank you again
  • Share the impact of their support
  • Be caring and personal in your communications

That’s why we built Virtuous: to help nonprofits like yours create personalized donor experiences at scale.

Are you ready for growth in 2021?

Virtuous is your growth partner unifying your fundraising, marketing, and donor development — increasing productivity and deepening donor relationships to expand your mission. Get started today:

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