[Podcast] Brian Numainville on Organizational Insights for 2021

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[Podcast] Brian Numainville on Organizational Insights for 2021

Brian Numainville, consultant, speaker, and author joins the Responsive Fundraising podcast to discuss his observations from 2020, where nonprofits might be missing opportunities, and his future outlook.

Nonprofit Surveys: Your Nonprofit Needs to Ask Questions

An accomplished consultant and the president of NUMINSIGHTS LLC, as well as a principal with Retail Feedback Group, Brian partners with organizations throughout the United States to design and execute a wide range of research and feedback programs, as well as advises on public relations and communications efforts. Brian is also the co-author of Feedback Rules!

Responsive Fundraising: The Blueprint for Engaging Modern Donors

Traditional fundraising strategies no longer work. This blueprint explains why today's donor expects more, and how nonprofits are shifting to responsive fundraising.

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