[Podcast] Brad Davies – Utilizing Technology to Improve Fundraising Strategies

The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast - Brad Davies

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Utilizing Technology to Improve Fundraising Strategies

This week, Brad Davies, Fundraiser in Chief at Hatch Fundraising, joined Virtuous CEO Gabe Cooper on The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast to discuss his experiences as a nonprofit executive, fundraising consultant and technology aficionado. They also discuss common challenges nonprofit fundraisers face and how technology can help overcome them.

Highlights from this episode:
● How initial communications have significant impact on whether donors return, and what nonprofits can do to improve their first impressions and outreach.
● Trends in donor retention, and how nonprofits can turn churn rates around.
● The ingredients for a comprehensive fundraising strategy.
● Ways to transition into a successful fundraiser in today’s digital era.
● Key elements that drive online revenue, and improving the donor’s giving experience.

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