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Maintain donor trust with these strategies.

[Podcast] 3 Ways to Build Donor Trust at Your Nonprofit with Andrew Olsen

Andrew Olsen joined us to talk about the decreasing trust that Americans have in NGOs to “do what is right”, what nonprofits should do to proactive build donor trust, and his suggestions on how a nonprofit’s posture toward donors directly impacts their ability to deliver on the mission. Andrew is a #1 Best Selling author,…

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Learn donor trust strategies.

[Podcast] 3 Things to Remember About Donor Trust with Shannon McCracken

Shannon McCracken joined us to talk about the current fundraising landscape, why trust and relevancy our essential now more than ever, and her take on what nonprofit leaders should focus on amidst times of crisis and uncertainty. Shannon is the CEO of The Nonprofit Alliance, and lead the association through rapid growth since its launch…

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Donor loyalty key insights from Hilary Noon

[Podcast] 3 Keys to Donor Loyalty from a VP of Insights, Analytics and Experience, Hilary Noon

On this episode, Hilary Noon joined us to talk about the first-ever Donor Loyalty Benchmark Study, why donor loyalty is a metric fundraisers should be pursuing and a few practical insights nonprofits can use to cultivate donor loyalty. Hilary has committed her entire working life to serve with and on behalf of nonprofits. She is…

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Event analytics can add to upgraded donor experiences.

Event Analytics & How They Can Improve Your Virtual Auction

This post was contributed by Kelly Velasquez-Hague who brings over 20 years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and sales/marketing experience to her role as the Director of Content Marketing for OneCause. Nonprofit organizations of all sizes and missions have needed to adapt to unprecedented waves of challenges over recent months, so your own organization might be…

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Use corporate matching with Double the Donation to grow giving.

Leading Nonprofits Use Corporate Matching to Increase Revenue

This post was provided by Julia Beltran from our partner, Double the Donation.  Over 18 million people in the U.S. qualify for matching gift programs, yet most of these individuals don’t know anything about their organization’s matching gift program. This causes a shocking result – an estimated $4 to $7 billion in matching gifts to…

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Online auction donor stewardship.

After Close-Out: 5 Steps for After Your Online Auction Ends

This post was contributed by Kelly Velasquez-Hague who brings over 20 years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and sales/marketing experience to her role as the Director of Content Marketing for OneCause. As nonprofits move more and more of their fundraising and outreach operations online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new ways to engage…

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Nonprofit marketing automation helps improve volunteer engagement during Covid.

Motivate Volunteers Virtually with Nonprofit Marketing Automation

Across the country and around the world, nonprofits are in a seemingly constant state of pivoting. Since the debut of COVID-19, organizations have changed how they do everything, from soliciting donors to running their programs. But what’s a responsive nonprofit to do to keep their volunteer program running when they can’t meet in person or…

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Responsive fundraising starts with overcoming inertia

Adopt Responsive Fundraising: Strategies for Overcoming Inertia

When people learn about responsive fundraising, it usually makes sense to them. Very few disagree with its central principles. “NO! We should give donors less of what they want and treat them like anonymous ATMs! Make everything less human, and more transactional!” is not something that we hear a lot of. Most people get it….

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Donor data security best practices from Virtuous.

How Virtuous Provides Donor Data Security Best Practices to Customers

Right now, one conversation dominates the nonprofit space: donor data security. Modern nonprofit operations rely almost entirely on donor data, which is collected, stored and mined on a mix of software solutions. If one of those platforms compromises data security, the entire organization is at risk. It makes sense that nonprofit leaders are focused heavily…

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Donor development strategies are stronger with help from analytics.

How to Use Website Analytics to Improve Donor Development Strategies

Responsive nonprofit leaders obsess over one thing: the donor. As such, donor development strategies became something we think about constantly. It’s at the center of the product features we release, the resources we create and the conversations we have with our partners.  Recently, we hosted a webinar called Donor Listening Strategies: Listening Strategies to Turn…

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