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Fundraising strategies during Covid 19.

[Podcast] 4 Keys to Fundraising During the COVID-19 Crisis with Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE

Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE, joined us to talk about the challenges facing nonprofit leaders today and what we should be focused on, how we must balance empathy and urgency in our messaging, and her approach to navigating through each stage of a crisis: the response (our current phase), recovery, and resilience building. Barbara brings more than…

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maximizing return with matching gifts

Don’t Miss Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts [Free Webinar]

It’s almost time, don’t miss out on our Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts webinar! Register now. Together with our friends at DonateDouble we’ll walk through practical strategies for creating a matching gift program to maximize the value and return from each donor gift.  Not only will we share tools and strategies, but share customer success…

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Nonprofits respond to new changes

5 Important Reminders For Responsive Nonprofits in Times of Big Changes

A major element of responsive fundraising includes solving for the hyper-connected world we live in. On one hand, it has never been easier to reach thousands of donors in an instant. On the other hand, competition for attention has never been more difficult.  This fact has never been more clear than during global events, especially…

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maximizing return with matching gifts

Free Webinar: Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts

Congrats! You’ve just wrapped up 2016, you had a great end-of-year push, and now you have a bunch of new donor names sitting in your database.  Big win…but now what? One of the best ways you can immediately maximize the value of these donors is through employer-sponsored matching gift programs.  In many cases you can…

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6 traits of high value donors - Virtuous CRM

Don’t Miss Out on Our 6 Traits of High-Value Donors Webinar!

Time is running out to sign up for our FREE webinar: Six Traits of High-Value Donors. We’ve teamed up with our friends at DonorSearch to give you the insights you need to identify potential major donors hidden away in your nonprofit CRM. You’ll learn about the leading indicators in the industry that help predict charitable…

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Use corporate matching with Double the Donation to grow giving.

Leading Nonprofits Use Corporate Matching to Increase Revenue

This post was provided by Julia Beltran from our partner, Double the Donation.  Over 18 million people in the U.S. qualify for matching gift programs, yet most of these individuals don’t know anything about their organization’s matching gift program. This causes a shocking result – an estimated $4 to $7 billion in matching gifts to…

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Learn donor trust strategies.

[Podcast] 3 Things to Remember About Donor Trust with Shannon McCracken

Shannon McCracken joined us to talk about the current fundraising landscape, why trust and relevancy our essential now more than ever, and her take on what nonprofit leaders should focus on amidst times of crisis and uncertainty. Shannon is the CEO of The Nonprofit Alliance, and lead the association through rapid growth since its launch…

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Results from over 600 digital fundraising experiments

Free Webinar: What Works? Results from Over 600 Digital Fundraising Experiments

Is fundraising more of an art or science?  Do they have to be mutually exclusive?  Can science help inform our art? Virtuous is thrilled to partner with NextAfter, the leading nonprofit research lab and consultancy, to share learnings about what works in digital fundraising.  During this webinar we’ll turn the web into a living laboratory. …

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Join us for the Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020

The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020: The Complete Guide

Earlier this year, Virtuous hosted the first part of The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020. The goal was to bring together responsive nonprofit leaders to brainstorm, connect and strategize around fundraising in 2020. Specifically, we wanted to address the question: how do we emerge from this crisis to serve donors? Everyone felt a sense of urgency…

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Learn how to use the Virtuous tracking pixel for nonprofit fundraising.

Virtuous Web Listener: The Tracking Pixel Responsive Nonprofits Need to Grow Revenue

At Virtuous, our top priority is to support nonprofits as they evolve to meet the demands of the modern donor. That means identifying generosity trends, researching new fundraising philosophies and adding new features to our products on a regular basis.  Recently, we released a tracking pixel called Web Listener to help our customers understand their…

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