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3 key lessons for nonprofit innovation

3 Key Lessons for Nonprofit Innovation and Facebook Horses

So, my dad is on Facebook… which you would find SHOCKING if you knew my dad. See, my dad’s a child of the 60’s. He listened to Bob Dylan, hitchhiked across the country, spent time at Haight-Ashbury, the whole nine yards. But, like many in his generation, he is largely a technology neophyte. He’s perpetually 15 years behind…

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2016 Virtuous CRM Blog Greatest hits

2016 Virtuous Blog Greatest Hits [Round-up]

As we wind down and celebrate an amazing 2016, we wanted to gather some of the year’s best Virtuous resources for you to get a jump start on fundraising success for 2017. Looking back on 2016, the Virtuous team is proud to have served so many organizations and it is our honor to continue to…

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6 traits of high value donors - Virtuous CRM

Don’t Miss Out on Our 6 Traits of High-Value Donors Webinar!

Time is running out to sign up for our FREE webinar: Six Traits of High-Value Donors. We’ve teamed up with our friends at DonorSearch to give you the insights you need to identify potential major donors hidden away in your nonprofit CRM. You’ll learn about the leading indicators in the industry that help predict charitable…

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How Virtuous is re-imagining generosity

The Virtuous Worldview Part 2: How Virtuous is Re-imagining Generosity

In part one of my “Virtuous Worldview” blog, I wrote about how a handful of modern nonprofits are reimagining generosity. I discussed how the best and brightest of this new breed of charity understand two key principles related to generosity: Generosity is deeply personal: we all give based on personal relationships and passions. Everyone is a giver: philanthropy…

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6 traits of high value donors - Virtuous CRM

Free Webinar: 6 Traits of High-Value Donors

One of the most critical subsets of every nonprofit’s donor base is their major donors. These generous donors provide a solid foundation for existing programs, fund expansions into service areas, and give you the opportunity to grow your donor base to even greater levels. But what if I told you that you have more of…

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3 keys to maximize effectiveness for nonprofits

3 Keys to Maximize Effectiveness

I have a confession: many moons ago I was involved in a multi-level marketing “opportunity” with my wife. Yes, we took the plunge like so many starry-eyed folks do. You just have to find 5 friends, and then they’ll find 5 friends! We were really excited to get started and began to work diligently to make…

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how nonprofits can deepen donor relationships with analytics

[Podcast] How Nonprofits Can Deepen Donor Relationships With Predictive Analytics

Rob Harter of the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast hosted Virtuous Software founder Gabe Cooper this week to chat about how nonprofits can leverage technology to do more good in the world. Specifically, to address the question: How can non-profits use technology and predictive analytics to deepen relationships with donors, raise more money, and re-engage lapsed donors?…

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How to accumulate donor love


Twitter has been abuzz with #DonorLove with nonprofits recently. #DonorLove is a movement of nonprofits recognizing their donors and thanking them for their support on social media channels. In short: it’s the latest fad in the age-old practice of making supporters feel connected to a causes they give and dedicate their time to. I’ve never…

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Email for the Win! Six Tips for Getting Email Communication Right With Your Donors

What’s not to love about email communication! It reaches your intended recipient within seconds; you are able to personalize it and include images; you can make it as long or as short as you want and direct people to the next step you want them to take; and it costs almost nothing to send. The…

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When not listening to your donors is the right thing to do

When Not Listening to Your Donors Is the Right Thing to Do

One of the most important things any organization — nonprofits and for-profits alike — can do is listen to their target market and respond to their wants and needs. But what does “listening” mean? To answer that, let’s take a quick peek at what listening does NOT mean. In 2009, Walmart wanted to improve customer…

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