How Ministries & Faith-Driven Nonprofits Are Creating A Donor-Hero Culture

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Virtuous brought together faith-driven nonprofit and ministry leaders across the U.S. for a virtual roundtable to talk about how to create a more generous, resilient, and hopeful future for the missions they serve in 2021.

Each of these leaders agreed: responsive fundraising is unlocking generosity. Using automation, they are making every donor feel like the hero by speaking to them personally about the needs of the mission at scale.

In our changing world, nonprofit technology solutions should be built to speak to the heart of every one of your donors. As we emerge from 2020 and map go-forward strategies for 2021 this is more important than ever.

Key Fundraising Strategies for Ministries

Make every donor feel like a hero

Giving is personal. Every donor who supports your mission has their own story and passion connected to your cause. Knowing our donors and personalizing the ways we engage with them are critical to growth.

THOMPSON Child & Family Focus uses their CRM to put the donor at the center. Justin Ellis shared, “we’ve seen donors stand up in ways they never have before. We’ve turned a passive, thankful development process into a data-driven, active fundraising approach creating a culture where every donor feels like a hero.”

Turn your donors into subscribers

“Today’s donor has changed, they just aren’t a different donor,” shared Dave Raley. Donor trends follow the consumer marketplace. As our current donors become more acclimated in subscription based services, they are starting to see their giving in this way, too.

People are opening their wallets and willing to give in smaller amounts monthly versus a one-time donation, resulting in an overall lifetime giving increase.

Personalize relationships at scale

World Impact has upgraded to a more relational CRM to cultivate relationships at scale. George Yunis and the team at World Impact are building a deeper culture prioritizing donor relationships, “I believe that there will be Kingdom Results when we cultivate relationships”.

And that’s why we built Virtuous: to help nonprofits like yours create personalized donor experiences at scale.

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