Overcoming Barriers to Volunteer Mobilization

Mobilizing Volunteers

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Has volunteering bounced back to pre-pandemic levels at your organization?

For many organizations, volunteers have been slow to come back. And let’s be honest, recruiting and retaining dedicated volunteers was often a challenge for nonprofits before the pandemic.¬†

This week on The Responsive Weekly, Rob Peabody of Virtuous Volunteer (formerly VOMO) joined us to talk about addressing barriers to volunteering and creating better volunteer experiences.

The Quick Summary

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Top Takeaways

  • Barrier #1: Prospective volunteers don’t know what you need or how to get involved. Highlight your volunteer opportunities on your website. Consider adding an online discovery process to the volunteer section, so prospective volunteers can begin to personalize their experience immediately.
  • Barrier #2: Getting from good intentions to action. Are you putting up hurdles to actually volunteering? Is the process to sign up inconvenient, complicated, or confusing? Every point of friction is an opportunity for dropoff, so look for ways to streamline the process. Technology can help a lot here.
  • Barrier #3: Impersonal, generalized asks. Giving is personal, whether it’s money or time. Just like donors, volunteers want to make a difference and connect in a meaningful way. Personalize their experience, look for ways to highlight their unique skills and talents, and communicate regularly to build the relationship.
  • Use technology to create better experiences for both volunteers and staff.

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