Do You Know Me? Do You Care?

Mckenna Bailey

I can be bought. I admit it and am not ashamed. My price is $10 off my favorite hair spray. That is how much you needed to entice me to give all my buying data away at my local drug store. A $10 coupon and they now know more about me than my mother does.

And I am ok with that. That is, as long as they are now using my data in a way that is meaningful for me. See, here is the thing…everyone knows data is being collected on all of us. What once seemed like an invasion of privacy is quickly morphing into an expectation. If I know you are collecting data on me, then you better be communicating to me about things that are important to —- wait for it — ME!!

I don’t buy diapers, formula, or baby food as my daughter is grown and married. I do buy doggie treats. So, I expect to receive communications and coupons for pet food. I’m a runner, so getting 5k run emails are ok with me. But I do most of my runs because I like to run, not for the cause, so market your run to me in the right way.

Your donors are the same way. There is an ever-increasing expectation that you relate to your donor based on their interests. Richard Perry with Veritus Group wrote a great blog recently on the #1 Thing Your Donor Wants: to be known.

Understanding what drives your donor and what they respond to is becoming the number one differentiator of successful non-profits. As you are collecting information on your donors, it is essential to save all those tidbits of information to segment your message as much as you need to meet everyone where THEY expect you to meet them. Being able to query that data and use it for action is sometimes daunting.

But data is only as good as how you are going to act on it. A CRM built with easy and elegant ways to house data, but more importantly, simple and intuitive ways to extract it is so important to your success.  If you are struggling with it, look for a better solution.

Doing so will provide profound results and those results will impact others.

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