Top Tips for Galas in 2022

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Are you planning a fundraising gala?

Fundraising galas are a classic event that are part of the fundraising calendar for many nonprofits. But how should we approach them in 2022? With ever-changing pandemic precautions, changing donor expectations, and new trends in events, what makes a good gala? Last week on The Responsive Weekly, Will McCrory of Revolution Events joined us to talk about things to keep top of mind for in-person fundraising events in 2022.

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Top Takeaways

  • Clearly communicate your Covid precautions. Consider hiring a third-party provider for Covid Compliance. They can manage your door and enforce your precautions.
  • Keep your event on the shorter side. 3 hours is a good length.
  • If you’re hosting a silent auction, start it online before the event for the most engagement.
  • If you’re creating a virtual component for your event, keep that targeted and meaningful, rather than just pointing a camera at your gala. A prepared video to watch on-demand or a shorter portion that just includes the most relevant programming may be more watchable.
  • Will pointed us to three important points to make your event memorable: the entrance to the event, the transition to dinner, and the final activity of the night.
  • Spend the most budget where people will be spending the most time.

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