Free Webinar: Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts

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maximizing return with matching gifts

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Congrats! You’ve just wrapped up 2016, you had a great end-of-year push, and now you have a bunch of new donor names sitting in your database.  Big win…but now what?

One of the best ways you can immediately maximize the value of these donors is through employer-sponsored matching gift programs.  In many cases you can double the value of many of these donations. Unfortunately many nonprofits are leaving this money on the table because of the difficulties with identifying, converting and tracking these matching programs.

Enter DonateDouble and Virtuous!

We’ve partnered with DonateDouble to take the complexity out of these programs and help you maximize the value of your new donors. Together we are offering a free webinar: Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts.  In this webinar you’ll learn the strategies for identifying, converting, tracking and reporting these matching gifts.  Not only strategy, but we’ll talk through real-world practical tips and the tools available for automating this process.  Learn how to build a holistic donor strategy that includes corporate sponsored matching gift programs.

The details

Where: Your favorite browser
When: Wednesday, February 1st at 3:00 PM EST

Space is limited, register today to reserve your spot!

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