The 3 Things Donors Want To See In Your Investment Program

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What Inspires Donors to Give to Your Endowment?

This week on The Responsive Weekly, we were joined by Courtney Dean and Phil Waara from eCIO who showed us what donors want to see in an investment program, counseled us away from common nonprofit investment pitfalls, and taught us a lot about promoting endowments.

What Donors Want to See in an Investment Program: The Quick Summary

Promoting Your Endowment’s Investment Program with Donors: 3 Key Things They Want to See: The Whole Session

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Top Takeaways

  • Transparency builds trust
  • Donors want to see an enduring investment program with:
    • Strong governance & structure to support board and staff turnover
    • Investment solutions that meet short and long-term needs and objectives
    • Communication that supports transparency and oversight groupʼs fiduciary responsibilities
  • Build your practices, policies, and procedures to work over the long term, with an emphasis on clarity and documentation

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