Dear Fundraiser: You’ve Done So Much

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Dear Fundraiser,

Take a moment to pause and recognize how far you have come. In the last year, you displayed a superhuman ability to navigate a global pandemic, provided empathy and care to your donors and supporters, and stewarded unwavering commitment to your mission that changed lives and fueled collective hope. 

You did that. 

And donors and supporters stood by you. As the challenges and needs in our communities were amplified, donors showed up in remarkable fashion to support and protect the causes that mattered most to them.

Donors showed up on behalf of people affected by homelessness and hunger. For caregivers in hospitals who worked tirelessly to treat all patients. They responded to the rise in depression as mental health organizations pivoted quickly to provide hope and help.



These needs and many more sparked a special kind of generosity. One where donors gave in the midst of experiencing the same uncertainty that nonprofits faced. 

In fact, giving was up over 10% in the last year.* 

As nonprofits look to grow, it is more critical than ever to understand the motivations of the modern donor and to build hyper-personalized relationships at scale. Retaining donors will require nonprofits to build deeper connection by fostering relationships that are transformational, not just transactional. 

In the pages of this playbook, you’ll find the tactics and strategies that responsive nonprofits utilize to unlock generosity. Click here to download. 

Thank you for all that you do – your commitment to building a better world, your belief in the power of your mission, and all that you’ve yet to achieve.


Responsive Fundraising: The Blueprint for Engaging Modern Donors

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