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Email automation improves your fundraising.

Why We’re Sure an Automated Email Welcome Series for New Donors is a Good Idea

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about whether automation is more likely to help or hinder a nonprofit’s efforts to build and grow sustainable relationships with donors.  People are asking questions like, “Are we sure an automated email welcome series for new donors is a good idea?” Or they’re saying things like, “Automation…

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Use marketing automation software to grow donors' lifetime value.

7 Signs Your Nonprofit is Ready for Automation Software

When nonprofits talk about growth, they’re usually tracking donors and their behavior. They want to see more donors giving more money, more frequently. But growth can also refer to resources — more time for your team to come up with new ideas or fundraising tactics. For that kind of growth, you need the right tools….

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4 ways nonprofit marketing automation can streamline processes and donor communication

How to automate donor outreach: 4 Ways Nonprofit Marketing Automation Can Streamline Processes and Donor Communication

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofits is managing donor communication. The bigger your list of donors, the more streams of communication will emerge. On top of that, donors expect you to know who they are and receive personalized messaging. Either you spend a ton of human energy managing donor communication, or you have to…

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4 marketing automation workflows for nonprofits

4 Marketing Automation Workflows That Drive Generosity

In my line of work I spend most of my time thinking about the intersection of fundraising and technology. I’m constantly looking for new technologies capable of helping charities inspire generosity. And, in my opinion, Marketing Automation is the most powerful (and underutilized) new fundraising technology available on the market today. Marketing automation is simply…

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