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Modern Nonprofits Inspire Commitment, Not Donor Loyalty

In the past, nonprofits have focused much of their efforts on growing donor loyalty. The objective was to find people who would automatically give to the organization multiple times, year over year. In a best case scenario, nonprofits could largely leave these donors alone until it was time to ask for additional giving.  Unfortunately, those…

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4 New Nonprofit Fundraising Techniques

The fundraising landscape has changed significantly in the past ten years, and nonprofits have to adapt to succeed. Trying new fundraising techniques can help your organization grow and meet donors’ rising expectations. But where should you start?  What’s Changed In Nonprofit Fundraising?  Donors, nonprofit professionals, and technology have all shifted, making new kinds of fundraising…

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The One Nonprofit Development Strategy You Probably Haven’t Tried

“Stay in touch.” “Center the donor in your storytelling.” “Show impact.” Do you use any of these as your nonprofit development strategy? Of course, you do. And so is everyone else.  These are helpful strategies, but they aren’t going to make you stand out to your donors. Best practices aren’t exactly unique.  As organizations struggle…

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Beyond Donate: CTAs that Make Nonprofit Websites More Effective

You’re working hard to push as much traffic to your website as possible, in hopes that everyone who visits it will click that great big donate button at the top. But what about the potential donors who are on your website, but not quite ready to give?  Without another call to action (CTA) you’ll lose…

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Donor data that drives giving.

How to Use Donor Data to Improve Generosity and Engagement

The more technology advances the way we understand behavior, preferences and interests, the scarier it gets to dive into the data. To some, it can be daunting to make sense of data. Not to mention, the idea of collecting and using your donors’ data might feel uncomfortable, especially if your experience with donor data analysis…

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Beyond Giving Tuesday: End of Year Campaign Strategies for Your Nonprofit

For a nonprofit organization, the end of the year can be a critical time to raise funds and reach annual goals. In recent years, Giving Tuesday has become a cultural phenomenon of giving back after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and many nonprofits see an increase in donations on this day. But once Giving Tuesday has…

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Use donor data to drive generosity.

All About Donor Data: How to Turn What You Know Into Giving

Right at this very moment, you hold the keys to increasing your donor retention and average gift values. Everything you need to know lives inside your donor management system. How do we know? Because that’s where all your donor data lives. And, it turns out, your donor data is the most valuable piece of any…

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Use storytelling in donor relations best practices

The Importance of Storytelling in Nonprofit Marketing and Donor Relations

Have you ever heard this old nonprofit chestnut? “It’s not about you, it’s about the mission!” Nonprofit staff, especially fundraising folks, aren’t usually encouraged to draw attention to themselves. Common wisdom tells us to focus on the organization’s impact and tell the inspiring stories of the people and causes we serve. This is good advice,…

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Reach your fundraising goals with content marketing for nonprofits.

To Hit Year-End Goals, Go Beyond Content Marketing for Nonprofits

You’ve got to be a great improviser to work in the nonprofit sector. When your job is to find creative solutions for huge problems, that kind of thinking “on the fly” is a must.  But I don’t think we should improvise when it comes to our year-end fundraising content. You know what I mean –…

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Fundraising strategies are important after a "no" as well.

3 Ways To Learn From “No”: Optimizing Fundraising Strategies that Don’t Work

You did it. You made a big, brave ask to a major donor and…they passed. They weren’t interested.  Ouch. Sorry.  But take heart! There is life after “no,” and all is not lost. In fact, you can use “no” to improve and optimize your fundraising strategies.   What Can You Learn From “No”? It may feel…

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