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What is Compassion Fatigue and How Can Storytelling Prevent It?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever turned off the news because it was just too much to handle.  Yeah, me, too.  That’s a sign of compassion fatigue.  Caring deeply about people can start to affect all of us over time. Our hearts and brains can only process so much information about the causes we care…

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Improve your nonprofit email marketing 7 ways.

7 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Nonprofit email marketing is an incredible tool. It’s a direct line to your most engaged donors and a reliable way to deliver your important messages. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to execute perfectly.  Nonprofits are sending more emails now than any time before, but we’re seeing a decline in individual donations. People aren’t motivated by the…

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How to build better relationships with your givers

Do you want better relationships with your givers?

“It’s sad how quickly people can forget about you until they want something from you.” Does this quote make you cringe when you consider what your donors might think about their relationship with your organization? Well, if the only time they hear from you is to discuss that next gift, I’m quite certain, on some level, this…

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How to prevent donor fatigue

Preventing Donor Fatigue

It’s the thought that occurs while you lay awake thinking about your latest campaign, “With all of this communications being sent are we wearing out our donors?” The fear of donor fatigue is real, but I believe is misplaced. I think what organizations or fundraisers think is donor fatigue is really irrelevant communication or bad…

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