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How A Clean Donor Database Improves Responsive Fundraising

Can you use all the donor data in your database? Is it accessible, relevant and clean? Why not? If you’re like a lot of development professionals, the state of your data isn’t your fault. You inherited a database from the people who came before you, who might have followed donor database best practices…or might not…

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Donor data that drives giving.

How to Use Donor Data to Improve Generosity and Engagement

The more technology advances the way we understand behavior, preferences and interests, the scarier it gets to dive into the data. To some, it can be daunting to make sense of data. Not to mention, the idea of collecting and using your donors’ data might feel uncomfortable, especially if your experience with donor data analysis…

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Use donor data to drive generosity.

All About Donor Data: How to Turn What You Know Into Giving

Right at this very moment, you hold the keys to increasing your donor retention and average gift values. Everything you need to know lives inside your donor management system. How do we know? Because that’s where all your donor data lives. And, it turns out, your donor data is the most valuable piece of any…

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Prove the value of your nonprofit crm investment.

7 Ways to Explain the Importance of a Nonprofit CRM

A sophisticated nonprofit CRM can be pricey. Especially if you’re looking for a tool to optimize your organization, you should be prepared to make an investment. People understand this, but when the time comes to choose, there are usually two reactions from decision-makers. The first group says, “Think about the benefits!” The second group thinks,…

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Predictive analytics for nonprofits is easier than you think.

Predictive Analytics for Nonprofits: Why You Need Data to Predict Your Donors’ Future Engagements and Generosity

The decision to give is a much different one than choosing a product or service to buy. In many ways, it’s much more personal and nuanced. Whether a donor is giving time, money or other goods, each decision is driven by a unique set of priorities. They are willing to give without expecting anything in…

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Adapt or Die – Why Data Is Mission Critical to Your Nonprofit

Big data is being used to supercharge some of the world’s most high performing organizations. Google, Toyota and many top performing nonprofits use data analytics to grow sales, reduce costs, increase giving and drive results. And companies like Peter Thiel’s Palantir are now leveraging big data to provide innovative, data-driven solutions to the world’s toughest…

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5 Antidotes to Data Apathy - Virtuous nonprofit CRM

5 Antidotes to Data Apathy

There is a fire inside of you that fervently wants to resist the thought: “but that’s the way we’ve always done it.” You crave data, you see the signs, and you know that if that data were to influence the decision-making process in your organization it would be a game changer. The problem you’re finding…

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4 fundraising metrics you should care more about

4 Fundraising Metrics You Should Care More About

You are what you measure. So goes the expression. An expression I personally believe in and the older I get and more experience I have, I think the importance of such a statement only grows. Measurement doesn’t just show progress or results but shows insights and, perhaps most importantly, shapes behavior. So measuring, when it comes…

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It’s Time We Had the Talk About Data Hygiene

Have you heard? Data science is sexy. No, really! Harvard Business Review called Data Science “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Now, when thinking about data scientists, most people are probably envisioning this: Or maybe this: Heck, maybe you’re into the classics: But the truth is, while data science may be sexy, it —…

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4 metrics every nonprofit should track

Four Metrics Every Nonprofit Should Track (But Probably Isn’t)

Just about every nonprofit on the planet can tell you how many active donors they have on file or at least how many people they are mailing currently. They probably don’t need to run a report to tell you the revenue for the fiscal year either. Child sponsorship and membership-based nonprofits tend to keep a…

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