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Essential features of nonprofit crm.

9 Essential Nonprofit CRM Features For Your Team

Can your software decisions impact your donor retention? Yes! Especially if you’re choosing a nonprofit CRM. When you’re choosing software, it can feel like you’re making a cut-and-dried decision that’s mostly a matter of cost-comparison and ease-of-use vs. number-of-features. But nonprofit software is about a lot more than that.  A nonprofit CRM isn’t just about…

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Learn how to use the Virtuous tracking pixel for nonprofit fundraising.

Virtuous Web Listener: The Tracking Pixel Responsive Nonprofits Need to Grow Revenue

At Virtuous, our top priority is to support nonprofits as they evolve to meet the demands of the modern donor. That means identifying generosity trends, researching new fundraising philosophies and adding new features to our products on a regular basis.  Recently, we released a tracking pixel called Web Listener to help our customers understand their…

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Manage Your Donor Database Migration in 5 Steps

Here’s a fun thing you can do the next time you attend a fundraising conference. Force any nonprofit database admin break into a cold sweat with just three words. What three words, you ask? “Donor database migration.” Yes, a lot of people will tell you horror stories about their experiences with moving to a new…

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Is your nonprofit CRM focused on sales or generosity?

Is Your CRM Built with a Focus on Closing the Sale – or on Generosity?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase, “closing the deal?” How do you feel? Most people start to see images of awkward asks gone wrong. Feelings of rejection and missed opportunities can make you feel immediately uncomfortable. What about when you hear the term “growing generosity?” Your feelings are different, almost instantly,…

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Prove the value of your nonprofit crm investment.

7 Ways to Explain the Importance of a Nonprofit CRM

A sophisticated nonprofit CRM can be pricey. Especially if you’re looking for a tool to optimize your organization, you should be prepared to make an investment. People understand this, but when the time comes to choose, there are usually two reactions from decision-makers. The first group says, “Think about the benefits!” The second group thinks,…

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Grow donor relations by letting them lead the way.

Developing Donor Relations: 5 Reasons Your Donors Should Be In Charge

The success of your fundraising efforts is due, in no small part, to your focus on donor relations. People need to care about your mission and believe in your process before they give any money. For your marketing and development teams, that means understanding your donors more and more every day. So your team adopts…

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5 ways your nonprofit CRM is costing you money

Five Ways Your Nonprofit CRM Is Costing You Too Much Money

Nothing in life is free. Well, nothing worth having, anyway. When it comes to nonprofits, every penny counts. From office space to equipment, nonprofits need to get highest quality at the most reasonable price so they can devote the highest possible percentage of their donors’ generous support to accomplishing their mission. Choosing a nonprofit CRM…

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5 ways CRM integrations can super charge your nonprofit

Five Ways CRM Integrations Can Super-Charge your Nonprofit

Remember Rube Goldberg machines? They’re those ridiculously over-engineered and complicated contraptions that were only created to perform really simple tasks. Unfortunately, that thinking was the norm when it came to nonprofit software. I work with nonprofits every day that have donor management systems that are complicated, confusing and only succeed in getting in the way of…

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They aren't your donors they are your investors

Five Features Agencies Need out of a Nonprofit CRM

At Virtuous, we’re all about helping charities raise more money and do more good. This means valuing all of the people involved in the fundraising process from start to finish. We recognize that agency partners are crucial to any charity’s success, and as a result, we’re committed to helping agencies better serve their nonprofit customers….

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