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Virtuous Automation connects nonprofit teams and donors.

Virtuous Automation Expands Capabilities and Scales Growth

Responsive fundraising calls on nonprofits to create hyper-personalized donor journeys for each individual in their donor base. As such, it often requires more from nonprofit teams. Before we unveiled responsive fundraising, we knew it wasn’t enough to simply give a name to the new fundraising system. It was our responsibility to make it possible for…

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Nonprofit marketing automation is required for growth.

Nonprofit Marketing Automation: Tools to Scale Success, Not Robots Taking Over

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “marketing automation”? Factory lines, pushing out a product? Mass emails, devoid of the personal touch? A bunch of robots, slowly taking over your nonprofit?  How about greater personalization, high-touch donor journeys, and better engagement with your supporters, on and offline?  Fundraising and marketing automation is…

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Nonprofits respond to new changes

5 Important Reminders For Responsive Nonprofits in Times of Big Changes

A major element of responsive fundraising includes solving for the hyper-connected world we live in. On one hand, it has never been easier to reach thousands of donors in an instant. On the other hand, competition for attention has never been more difficult.  This fact has never been more clear than during global events, especially…

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Automation workflows can help you be a more responsive nonprofit.

Responsive Marketing Automation Plays Nonprofits Can Use on Social Media

The success of marketing automation and responsive fundraising relies on the constant collection of donor data. It’s important to pull from website behavior and email engagements. However, to get a full picture of your donor, you need to pull from social media, too.  We put together a list of a few use cases for marketing…

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Marketing automation is critical for modern donors.

Why Marketing Automation for Nonprofits Matters to New Donors

When we talk about marketing automation for nonprofits, it’s easy to see what the organization gets out of it. Better communication with less tedium, more meaningful donor engagements, and increased giving. But we also talk about leading nonprofits shifting their engagement strategies to be more donor-centric.  So how does nonprofit marketing automation fit in to…

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Nonprofit marketing automation improves responsive fundraising strategies.

4 Ways Marketing Automation Makes Responsive Fundraising Possible

Nonprofits interested in using The Responsive Framework to improve fundraising and donor relationships can start right away. There are no prerequisites for responding to your donors’ signals in a meaningful way. However, to do it at scale with hundreds of thousands of individuals, it’s best to use a nonprofit marketing automation platform.  More than a…

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Nonprofit content marketing relies on donor signals.

How to Create Nonprofit Content Marketing Strategies Using Donor Signals

Nonprofit content marketing is a powerful way to find new potential donors and bring them closer to your cause. It gives you the freedom to frame your cause in ways that will drive people to take action. But, only if you do it right.  Many nonprofits use content marketing simply to tell the same story….

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Email automation improves your fundraising.

Why We’re Sure an Automated Email Welcome Series for New Donors is a Good Idea

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about whether automation is more likely to help or hinder a nonprofit’s efforts to build and grow sustainable relationships with donors.  People are asking questions like, “Are we sure an automated email welcome series for new donors is a good idea?” Or they’re saying things like, “Automation…

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Use marketing automation software to grow donors' lifetime value.

7 Signs Your Nonprofit is Ready for Automation Software

When nonprofits talk about growth, they’re usually tracking donors and their behavior. They want to see more donors giving more money, more frequently. But growth can also refer to resources — more time for your team to come up with new ideas or fundraising tactics. For that kind of growth, you need the right tools….

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Increase revenue with automation and Double the Donation.

Automation: The Key to Boosting Matching Gift Revenue

In the nonprofit world, every dollar counts. What if you could turn every dollar into two? With matching gifts, you can. Matching gifts are donations given by a company to the same nonprofit their employee donated to. Thousands of companies around the world happily match their employee’s donations. It shows support and helps make the world…

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