Hustle Phx - Virtuous CRM Case Study

Hustle Phoenix Case Study

Gabe Cooper

Using Virtuous to Empower Under-served Urban Entrepreneurs

Hustle Phx encourages urban entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that affirm the dignity of people – and lead to the flourishing of Phoenix, AZ. Hustle donors play an active role in the cause by providing money, volunteer hours and mentorship to talented entrepreneurs.

Meet Oye Waddell

Oye Waddell is the Executive Director of Hustle Phx. Waddell grew up in inner city Los Angeles and earned a Master of Public Administration from USC, and a Master of Education from ASU. He has a long track record in urban education & entrepreneurship.

Oye founded Hustle Phx as a way to empower young urban entrepreneurs. He saw an opportunity to bring mentor-ship, capital and community around under-served leaders in order to serve the city.

Oye Waddell - Hustle Phx - Virtuous CRM Case Study

Virtuous CRM & Hustle Phx

In order for Hustle Phx to be successful they have to understand the personal talents and giving capacity of each constituent. They needed a nonprofit CRM that enabled personalized communication with each donor or mentor based on their individual passions.

One of their favorite Virtuous features has been the easy-to-use dashboards. Allowing the Hustle Phx team to easily see real-time fundraising metrics from one dashboard has given them an unrefutable edge.

“Seeing Hustle Phx better connect with donors in their community is exactly why we created Virtuous.” says Gabe Cooper, CEO of Virtuous CRM. Click To Tweet

Hustle Phx has also seen great momentum by using Virtuous Automation to increase engagement. Automation allows Hustle to send the right message, at the right time, without human intervention. The net result increased marketing and fundraising horse power for a relatively small team.

“We have loved bringing Hustle Phx into the modern age of donor communication. We can’t wait to see the new generosity they create in Phoenix.” says Kris Jonson, Director of Marketing at Virtuous.

Raisers Edge and Virtuous demo

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