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Is your nonprofit CRM focused on sales or generosity?

Is Your CRM Built with a Focus on Closing the Sale – or on Generosity?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase, “closing the deal?” How do you feel? Most people start to see images of awkward asks gone wrong. Feelings of rejection and missed opportunities can make you feel immediately uncomfortable. What about when you hear the term “growing generosity?” Your feelings are different, almost instantly,…

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Lapsed donors can be re-engaged with the right strategies.

Are Lapsed Donors Trapped in Your Nonprofit CRM?

We know donor retention is an uphill battle nonprofits fight every day. Generosity is a deeply personal choice that can shift due to a myriad of reasons. Even with the most sophisticated team of experts, it’s common for nonprofits to see their lapsed donors list continue to grow. However, a common problem does not translate…

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Donor segmentation will help improve your marketing efforts.

Donor Segmentation: Your Guide to Understanding and Executing A Great Strategy

The power of personalization for nonprofits cannot be overstated. Personalization provides donors with a unique experience of your nonprofit, based on their interests, behaviors and needs.  With the right strategies, personalization can help increase generosity in donors, both in single donations and in lifetime donations. It can also help improve donor relationships by making each…

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Donor retention improves when you close the loop.

Increase Donor Retention by Closing the Loop with Givers

Reaching your fundraising goals every year requires a delicate balance of effort from everyone on your team. Every day, you must decide how much effort should be put towards donor retention and how much attention should be paid to finding new donors. Each initiative comes with its unique set of problems and opportunities, but nonprofits…

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How do you communicate impact - Virtuous CRM

How Can Nonprofits Communicate Impact?

Most donors choose to give to nonprofits because they believe in the cause. So it follows suit that they would want to know that their gift is actually contributing toward the impact they believed in at the beginning. Research from The Bridgespan Group reinforces this idea. They found that the greatest need donors have from…

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4 ways nonprofit marketing automation can streamline processes and donor communication

How to automate donor outreach: 4 Ways Nonprofit Marketing Automation Can Streamline Processes and Donor Communication

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofits is managing donor communication. The bigger your list of donors, the more streams of communication will emerge. On top of that, donors expect you to know who they are and receive personalized messaging. Either you spend a ton of human energy managing donor communication, or you have to…

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[Podcast] Beth Guckenberger: Fundraising and the Art of Nonprofit Storytelling

Storytelling is a major part of how brands connect with their audiences, but nonprofit storytelling is unique. It can be a major challenge to do it well so that you do more than just grow your donor base. We spoke with Beth Guckenberger who has been using storytelling to build relationships with her donors in…

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Nonprofit brand advocacy: Turning Fans into Fundraisers

You often hear nonprofits talk about how to find better ways to grow their donor base. Unfortunately, nonprofits often miss one of the biggest opportunities to leverage, and it isn’t even within their organization: the fans. This begins by understanding that your nonprofit is a brand, and your fans are your advocates. Nonprofit brand advocacy…

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5 Effective Places You Should be Mentioning Matching Gifts

Virtuous has recently partnered with Double the Donation to make matching gift tools a seamless feature of Virtuous Giving. These matching gift search tools allow a donor to provide the name of their employer and then be presented with their company’s unique matching gift guidelines. The most incredible thing about matching gifts is how much…

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Making the Perfect Online Ask to Your Donors: 6 Best Strategies

Asking for donations used to be fairly simple. Everyone asked the same ways: with either a letter or in-person. However, the internet has changed everything. Now, online donors make up a new target audiences for donation requests. While technology has added new elements to the asking process, online fundraising strategies have shown to be incredibly…

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