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2021 fundraising strategies

2021 Fundraising Strategies: 6 Lessons Learned in 2020 & How to Pivot Going Forward

2020 has been a year of massive change for nonprofits. From entire teams going remote overnight, to a chaotic election season, to a civil rights movement driving systemic change, to the devastating impact of COVID-19, everything has changed. Here’s what we can glean from the events of 2020 and how fundraisers should pivot to maximize…

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image of bonsai tree showing growth

Professional Development for Nonprofit Leaders: Increasing Impact the Peter Drucker Way

Peter Drucker was, by most accounts, the greatest business thinker of the 20th century. His insights on leadership, time management, and building healthy organizations have influenced a generation of executives worldwide. I’ve spent some time this year re-reading Drucker, and I’ve come to realize something. His philosophy is particularly useful as part of the professional…

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3 Ways to Use Email to Increase Donations and Urgency

Email is critical element for any nonprofit hoping to scale the mid- and lower-tier donor programs. In fact, recent studies on nonprofit marketing will tell you that email has become the number one driver of donations for most nonprofits. A great email program can be the difference between thriving and dying – and we’re seeing that…

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Caring for Your Donors: A Story from Intend Ministries

I recently spoke with Tracy Bumpus from Intend Ministries – a Virtuous customer. I asked her about creative things their organization was doing on the Virtuous Platform to reach supporters. Tracy proceeded to tell me an incredibly compelling story and I wanted to share it with all of our followers. At Virtuous, we talk a…

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improve online donations with these 4 tips

4 Keys to a High-Performing Giving Web Page

A successful online giving program is often the lifeblood of a successful, modern nonprofit. But figuring out how to grow online giving can sometimes seem like black magic. It’s often difficult to figure out where your site traffic is coming from, what makes your traffic convert and how much your visitors are willing to donate….

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5 Steps to Personalize Your Donor Communication

Most of the nonprofits we work with understand the importance of personalizing their donor communications. Donors are people, and they want to be treated like people… not just names in a database. We all give to nonprofits for incredibly personal reasons. Often our favorite cause has impacted our lives, our family, or our community very…

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The modern nonprofit fundraising podcast - Dave Raley

[Podcast] Dave Raley of Masterworks – Creating Experiences That Inspire Generosity

The Modern Nonprofit Podcast – Creating experiences that inspire generosity Dave Raley is the EVP of Analytics, Innovation & Strategy at Masterworks, a full-service marketing agency committed to helping nonprofits inspire new levels of generosity. At Masterworks, Dave leads one of the industry’s strongest teams in analytics, media, and strategy – and the industry’s only…

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Adapt or Die – Why Data Is Mission Critical to Your Nonprofit

Big data is being used to supercharge some of the world’s most high performing organizations. Google, Toyota and many top performing nonprofits use data analytics to grow sales, reduce costs, increase giving and drive results. And companies like Peter Thiel’s Palantir are now leveraging big data to provide innovative, data-driven solutions to the world’s toughest…

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The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast - Carly Berna

[Podcast] Carly Berna – Raising Awareness Through Broadcast and Beyond

This week’s episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast is about the art of nonprofit marketing. Host Gabe Cooper welcomes Carly Berna, the Director of Marketing at Jewish Voice, a faith-based organization that provides humanitarian aid and medical care to impoverished Jewish communities and their neighbors in Africa, Asia and Israel. Gabe and Carly discuss…

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Hustle Phx - Virtuous CRM Case Study

Hustle Phoenix Case Study

 Using Virtuous to Empower Under-served Urban Entrepreneurs Hustle Phx encourages urban entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that affirm the dignity of people – and lead to the flourishing of Phoenix, AZ. Hustle donors play an active role in the cause by providing money, volunteer hours and mentorship to talented entrepreneurs. Meet Oye Waddell Oye Waddell…

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