68+ Nonprofit Digital Marketing Resources for 2017

nonprofit digital marketing resources

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Marketers in the nonprofit space wear many hats, sometimes more hats than we can count! Who has time to keep up with innovative marketing trends when we’re busy balancing so much?

With the right resources and planning, anything is possible! The information shared in this article we hope will help those in the nonprofit space source the right marketing information quickly and when it’s needed most. If you’re looking to get a step ahead this year and improve your marketing IQ then you’re in the right place.

We’ve listed a full scope of resources that help in all aspects of digital marketing today. But first, three important suggestions to help you find the time in your busy day to leverage these resources.It’s one thing to bookmark a list of resources, it’s quite another to

Schedule time for learning. At the center of success is lifelong learning. Are you prioritizing your learning time or pushing it off to next quarter? Now’s the time to revamp your schedule and squeeze in just a few short hours a week of dedicated learning time. Michael Hyatt talks about crafting the “Ideal Week”, his exercise may aid in helping you find more time in your schedule. Canceling a non productive meeting and replacing it with professional development time or blocking off time on your calendar for learning might help too.

Improve efficiency in tasks as much as possible. We’re busier and more stressed than ever before, every second counts in your day. Think about ways to optimize your time so you can squeeze in that extra space for learning. It can seem daunting to add yet another thing to your list of to-do’s, but try to see what you can eliminate and make room for learning.

Use tools to help make the most of your time. Use technology to help you make the most of your time. Not every tool below is right for you, but hopefully it gets across the point. From the small time savers to the very large ones, see what you can do to start adapting them into your work and life flow.

  • Google Alerts can help you monitor the web for interesting new content. Instead of having to search for new information all the time, set up a Google Alert and have it sent to you via email. Try setting up alerts for newly published nonprofit marketing content, webinars and podcasts in your industry, upcoming conferences and meetups, and similar nonprofits to yours (for inspiration!).
  • I like to use a text to voice system to “read” articles while I am in the shower, getting ready in the morning or on my nightly walk. Voice Instead (Chrome), Natural Reader (iTunes), Voice Reading (Android) are worth looking into and most are free.

These are just a few of the useful ways you can use tools to assist you with finding time savings and multi-tasking opportunities throughout your day. Which are your favorite? Share with us int the comments below.

Nonprofit Marketing Resources

Now that you’re prepped with some time saving advice, we’ll help show you a few of the resources you can use to fill that extra time in your day from the best of the best in marketing.

Every great marketer has a few tricks up their sleeves; the resources below and advice above are aimed to help you hone your skills in the coming year.  You’ll find PDFs, templates, downloads, articles, video and even an inforgraphic or two. We’ve organized the list by the type of resource and topic, search for the topic that most interests you and get started. Easy as that!

Nonprofit Marketing Blogs & Resource Guides

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Social Media

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Email Marketing


Landing Page Optimization

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing Plan Downloads

Marketing Campaign Examples

There are resources in this list for just about every online marketer. Whether your focus this year is to enhance your social media or to start using your Google AdGrant, the websites we’ve shared are a great first step to taking your nonprofit’s marketing to the next level.


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