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Nonprofit marketing automation is required for growth.

Nonprofit Marketing Automation: Tools to Scale Success, Not Robots Taking Over

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “marketing automation”? Factory lines, pushing out a product? Mass emails, devoid of the personal touch? A bunch of robots, slowly taking over your nonprofit?  How about greater personalization, high-touch donor journeys, and better engagement with your supporters, on and offline?  Fundraising and marketing automation is…

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Join us for the Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020

The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020: The Complete Guide

Earlier this year, Virtuous hosted the first part of The Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2020. The goal was to bring together responsive nonprofit leaders to brainstorm, connect and strategize around fundraising in 2020. Specifically, we wanted to address the question: how do we emerge from this crisis to serve donors? Everyone felt a sense of urgency…

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Fundraising strategies for 2020

[Podcast] 3 Best Practices for Fundraising in 2020 with T. Clay Buck

On this episode, T. Clay Buck, recovering actor and reluctant data geek, joined us to discuss what fundraising leaders should be focused on as we wade into 2020 and beyond. He is the Founder and Principal of Tactical Fundraising Solutions a fundraising consultancy that helps fundraisers and nonprofits raise money more effectively through a systems-thinking…

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Nonprofit technology adoption strategies are critical.

[Podcast] 4 Things to Remember Before You Choose a Nonprofit Technology with Rubin Singh

Rubin Singh, the CEO & Founder of OneTenth Consulting, joined us to discuss the obstacles nonprofit leaders need to navigate as they adopt new technology, common mistakes that drive many nonprofit CRM implementations to fall flat, and the needs related to people and process that must be central to your platform adoption plan. Rubin is…

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Fundraising strategies during Covid 19.

[Podcast] 4 Keys to Fundraising During the COVID-19 Crisis with Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE

Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE, joined us to talk about the challenges facing nonprofit leaders today and what we should be focused on, how we must balance empathy and urgency in our messaging, and her approach to navigating through each stage of a crisis: the response (our current phase), recovery, and resilience building. Barbara brings more than…

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Maintain donor trust with these strategies.

[Podcast] 3 Ways to Build Donor Trust at Your Nonprofit with Andrew Olsen

Andrew Olsen joined us to talk about the decreasing trust that Americans have in NGOs to “do what is right”, what nonprofits should do to proactive build donor trust, and his suggestions on how a nonprofit’s posture toward donors directly impacts their ability to deliver on the mission. Andrew is a #1 Best Selling author,…

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